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Last Updated: Friday, 19 November, 2004, 18:12 GMT
Click Online's regular feedback slot allows you to have your say on issues mentioned in the programme and other technology matters.

First this week is an interesting observation from Kelvin, who apparently does not have a last name, which is a shame. He says:

"Is it me or does the word 'free' mean something else on the web? I've read on sites, and I quote, 'get free music for just 5.99 per month'. What the hell is free about that!? It's not free, it is 5.99 per month! I know there IS free stuff online but I just get frustrated when I type the word 'free' in Google and on the sites that come up nothing is free."

I sort of agree there Kelvin, either it is free or it is not - and if you have to pay for it, it is not free.

But lots of marketing likes to imply it is free when it obviously is not.

So if you see some adverts that are boasting to be free and obviously are not, send them in.

Spencer Kelly's report on the Goonhilly satellite earth station prompted an email from Tony - again no last name - in Cornwall:

"Out of one window I can see the satellite dishes of Goonhilly to the east: a spectacular sight at night when lit up. Out of another window I can see the Marconi memorial mast at Poldhu. Both encapsulate the history of modern communications. However living right in between I still have to dial-up to send this email because Broadband is not available in this part of the country until the second half of 2005. Such is life."

Terrible luck there Tony. Have you thought of a satellite Internet connection solution?

Although I wonder what the interference to your download speed would be like around their 32 foot dishes.

And by the way, for those that do not know, Poldhu was the place Marconi made the first ever transatlantic radio transmission from.

Philip McDermott, from Manchester, contacted us to say:

"Please please please put the capital I back into Internet! 'Internet' is the particular network we commonly use, 'internet' is a network of networks. Please put it right before too many people get it wrong. Or I'll start a motion to call you the bbc."

Philip, I hate to say it, but people call us a lot worse than that!

I sympathise with your point, but do enough people care?

I have noticed that internet has become quite commonplace, so is that the end of Internet?

After all, things change - 'phone became phone, although strictly speaking 'phone remains correct.

Let us know what you think!

Don't forget you are free to send us your thoughts, by visiting our "Contact us" page, and while we don't promise to read out your message during the programme, read it we will.

Click Online is broadcast on BBC News 24: Saturday at 0745, 2030, Sunday at 0430, 0645 and 1630, Monday at 0030. Also BBC Two: Saturday at 0745 and BBC One: Sunday at 0645. Also BBC World.

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