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Last Updated: Friday, 9 February 2007, 14:14 GMT
January's Information 2007
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January 2007

Wednesday 31 January

  • Comic Relief

  • It's that time of year again - time to get silly all in the name of a good cause for Comic Relief and red noses go on sale today. Red Nose day itself is on Friday 16 March.

    To order a fund raising DVD from Comic Relief: 09065 226 666

  • Silent calls
    You can find more information on dealing with silent calls from our collection of stories.

  • Jimmy's Diaries
    Jimmy Doherty was here to talk about his new series 'Jimmy's Farm Diaries' which is on BBC Two, Friday at 7.30pm

    Tuesday 30 January

  • Headlice

  • We looked at various methods of treating headlice, as health charities warn that many are becoming resistant to chemical shampoos. If you have school-age children, you need to check their hair regularly for nits and lice - regardless of how often you wash their hair. We featured a method called Bug-busting, which involves using ordinary shampoo and conditioner, with specially designed combs which make it easier to scoop up lice. You can get this on prescription from your GP - or you can buy it online from the charity Community Hygeine Concern for 5.95 plus postage. If the headlice are particularly stubborn, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about which shampoos will work in your area - and don't forget to tell them if your child also suffers from Asthma or Eczema.

  • Flying with BA
    See our main story for information about how to make sure your BA flight is operating following the averted strike, which may cause some disruption.

  • Combat stress

  • We looked at the issue of post-traumatic stress after the tragic case of David Bradley, a war veteran with a stress related illness who killed four members of his family.

    Monday 29 January

  • Folk remedies

  • During our item on folk remedies, our resident GP Dr Rosemary Leonard mentioned that she's written a book. It's called The Seven Ages of Woman and it's published by Bantam Press. ISBN: 9780593055168. Our guest Janey Lee Grace has also written a book: Imperfectly Natural Woman - getting life right the natural way. ISBN 190442489-9

  • Anorexia

  • You can see more on anorexia on BBC Three tonight in the programme, I'm a Child anorexic. Our guest, Dee Dawson, treats anorexia at a specialist clinic - the Rhodes Farm Clinic in North London. If you're worried that you or someone close to you may have an eating disorder, you can also try these websites and helplines: Eating Disorders Association (registered charity, formed in 1989): helpline (adults) 0845 634 1414; youth helpline 0845 634 7650 Telephone: 0845 838 2040

  • Tenner for teenagers
    You can find out more about the project which gives teenagers 10 to kick-start their entrepreneurial spirit from this website: The teenagers' progress will be followed by our sister programme, Newsnight.

    Friday 26 January

  • Big Garden Birdwatch
  • See our main story for all the information on how to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend with the RSPB

    Thursday 25 January

    Council Tax

    We spoke to financial expert Martin Lewis about reclaiming money on your council tax. He says thousands could be entitled to claim if houses were put in the wrong council tax band. To find out more, visit Martin's website at:

    Wednesday 24 January

  • Female entrepreneurs

  • We talked to businesswoman Glenda Stone who's co-chair of the Women's Enterprise Taskforce. The committee has been set up by the Department of Trade and Industry to encourage women - especially mothers - to think big when setting up in business. You can find out more from an organisation called Prowess which supports female entrepreneurs

  • Flying and climate change

  • You can watch Should I Really give up Flying on BBC Two tonight at 9pm.

  • Breast cancer

  • Our resident GP Dr Rosemary Leonard told us more about the study which has found that a high fibre diet can lower your risk of breast cancer.

  • Edward Woodward

  • We talked to the veteran actor about his role in the BBC crime drama Five Days, which starts tonight on BBC One at 9pm

    Tuesday 23 January

  • Rugby

  • Chris Hollins featured an item about rugby, with Mike Catt and having practising goal kicking. You can win tickets for a Six Nations match.

  • Safari School
    Eight celebrities, spend four weeks at the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa learning to be rangers, including Blair McDonough, who used to be in Neighbours. Weekdays, 6.00pm BBC Two.

  • John O'Farrell

  • Is one of the contributors to a BBC Two programme, the Madness of Modern Families tonight at 8.30pm

    Monday 22 January

  • Dyslexia test

  • The test for dyslexia which our guest referred to is called the GAPS Test - Grammar and Phonology Screening. It will be unveiled at University College London later today, but it's already available online from DLDCN - the Centre for Developmental Language Disorders and Cognitive Neuroscience in London

  • British Airways strike

  • To find out whether your flight is affected, ring BA's helpline: 0800 727 800

  • Shipwreck cargo

  • We talked to the official receiver of wrecks about the apparent looting of material from a stricken cargo ship off the Devon Coast. In law, any wreck material found in UK territorial waters (to 12 mile limit), or outside the UK and brought within UK territorial waters must by law be reported to the Receiver of Wreck, via the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

    Friday 19 January

  • Kevin Spacey

  • We met the actor director and producer along with Ed Hall.

  • Climate change

  • The BBC presenter Matt Allwright was on Friday's programme to talk about Climate Change: Britain Under Threat - which he is co-presenting alongside David Attenborough and Kate Humble. It goes out on Sunday 21st at 8pm BBC One

  • Car Clamping

  • We featured a story about car clamping, viewers in the Midlands can see that programme, at 7.30pm, on BBC One.

    Thursday 18 January

  • Baby Borrowers

  • You can see Baby Borrowers on BBC Three, at 1030pm tonight. In this week's episode the young couples get a bit of a shock when they're given an elderly person to look after.

  • Carbon offsetting

  • Find out more from our story on carbon offsetting.

  • The Truth About Food

  • We spoke to Jan Ravens who appears on next week's episode of the The Truth About Food. Tonight's programm features Vic Reeves - it's on at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

  • Rocky Balboa

  • Chris Hollins spoke to Sylvester Stallone about his new film in which he stars as Rocky Balboa, (Twentieth Century Fox).

    Wednesday 17 January

  • Waterloo Road

  • The school drama returns to Prime Time TV tomorrow night at on BBC One 8pm.

    Tuesday 16 January

  • Training for the Olympics

  • If you were impressed by the sight of Chris Hollins in a bath of ice and you'd like to find out more about athletics training under cover, try these websites:
  • Cancer

  • Our reporter Julia George came into the studio, to tell us about the campaign by one man suffering from terminal cancer, to extend the government's winter fuel allowance to people who are seriously ill. If you have cancer and you're suffering financial hardship, these organisations can make sure you're claiming all the benefits you're entitled to

  • Weird species

  • The Zoological Society of London has launched a new campaign to save 100 species from extinction. It's called Edge of Existence

  • Don't die young

  • Watch Dr Alice Roberts' series starting tonight on BBC Two at 8pm. There's a book which goes with the series, also called Don't Die Young.

  • Roadkill chef

  • You can watch this series if you have Freeview, starting on BBC Three at 9pm tonight. The presenter Fergus Drennan has his own website called Wildman, wildfood

    Monday 15 January

  • Wanted Down Under

  • You can watch the programme about Brits moving to Australia on BBC One, straight after Breakfast

  • Personalised inflation calculator

  • The government's Office of Nationation Statistics has introduced a new tool which lets you calculate the inflation rate on the goods you buy, rather than the average household's shopping basket. You can find it on the ONS website, from 7am

  • Fertility doctor: Panorama investigation

  • You can find out more about today's lead story - about fertility doctor Mohammed Taranissi - on tonight's Panorama on BBC One at 8.30pm.

    Friday 12 January

  • Bank holidays and annual leave

  • We've had several enquiries about the story about Bank Holidays no longer being included in statutory annual leave. You can also find out more from the DTI's website

  • Tortoise-cam

  • We talked to the producers of a new wildlife documentary about wildebeest about the ingenious hidden cameras they've been using, including a camera hidden in a tortoise and another one in a mechanical bee. You can see the results in Trek: Spy on the Wildebeest on BBC One on Sunday night at 8pm

  • On-screen blind dates

  • You can watch "When Love Comes To Town" on Sunday evening at BBC Two at 6.15pm

    Thursday 11 January

  • Street Doctor

  • We featured a new BBC series where doctors take to the streets to treat people. It's on tonight on BBC One at 7pm.

    Wednesday 10 January

  • Walrus work-out

  • We have had dozens of requests for the short clip we ran on this morning's programme, which shows a Walrus at San Diego zoo who likes to do Abs Crunches with his keeper.

  • Did they pay off their mortgage in two years?

  • We talked to the family featured in the TV show, "Pay Off Your Mortgage in Two Years". You can find our if they did manage to pay off their mortgage by watching an update on the show on BBC2 tomorrow night at 7.30pm.

    Tuesday 9 January

  • E-mail updates from MI5

  • You can get e-mail updates about the terrorist threat level from the UK's intelligence service, Mi5. Just go to their official website

  • Dyslexia

  • We talked to Barnaby Blackburn, diagnosed with dyslexia when he was five. He's just been offered a place at Oxford, to study engineering. We first talked to Barnaby a few years ago when he set up his own website, to help others with the condition He also produces his own software to help schools and students We also talked to the novelist Ken Follett, who's president of the charity Dyslexia Action

  • Nick Knowles: Mission Africa

  • The presenter of DiYSOS told us about his latest programme, building game conservancy in Africa. Find out more from the website Mission Africa

    Monday 8 January

  • Rolf Harris

  • Was our guest on Monday's Breakfast. The documentary about his life as an artist: A Lifetime in Paint, is on BBC One, Sunday 14 January at 4pm. And, you can see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's II 80th birthday portrait, by Rolf Harris at the following galleries:
  • 13 Jan to 25 Feb, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester
  • 10 Mar to 22 Apr, Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Norwich
  • 28 Apr to 10 Jun, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, Birmingham
  • 16 Jun to 28 Jul, The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Co Durham
  • 4 Aug to 15 Sep, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol

  • The Baby Borrowers
  • We had more on the new series for BBC Three where young people have to look after a baby: The Baby Borrowers, BBC Three, tonight, 10.30pm

  • Carol Vorderman
  • Carol came into the Breakfast studio to talk about her new book: Super Brain: 101 Ways to a More Agile Mind, ISBN 100091917026

  • Thandie Newton

  • We met the actress Thandie Newton, who came into the studio to talk about her new film In Pursuit of Happyness, released by Sony Pictures.

    Saturday 6 January

  • Anorexia

  • We're reporting on a worrying increase in websites which claim to help people with anorexia, but actually encourage eating disorders. If you're worried that you, or a close friend or relative, may be anorexic, it's important to seek from a reliable organisation.

    Eating Disorders Association (registered charity, formed in 1989): helpline (adults) 0845 634 1414; youth helpline 0845 634 7650 Telephone: 0845 838 2040

    Friday 5 January

  • Just The Two Of Us

  • The next instalment is on BBC One, tonight, at 8.30pm.

  • Grow your own veg: Carol Klein

  • We spoke to Carol Klein who presents the new series of Grow Your Own Veg, it's on BBC Two, tonight at 8.30pm.

  • The Sound of 2007

  • Find out more about the BBC News Website's poll which tips the rising music stars of the new year.

    Thursday 4 January

  • Overturned coach

  • If you are worried and would like more information, please call 0121 625 1278

  • Christmas Debt

  • We featured advice on Christmas debt, including a website recommended by Which? The website is

    Wednesday 3 January

  • Expressions

  • We spoke to John Simpson, editor of the Oxford English Dictionary which is launching a word hunt to find the origins of 40 well known phrases. The results will be featured on the BBC's Balderdash and Piffle series. If you would like to contribute to the word hunt, email: Or you can visit the website

    Tuesday 2 January

  • Baby Borrowers

  • We spoke to the producer of a new series for BBC Three: Baby Borrowers, which is part of a month long series of programmes starting on Monday 8 January, full details can be found on the BBC Three website.

  • This Life

  • Emma Jones had a report about the revival of BBC series This Life. You can see This Life PLUS Ten on BBC TWO tonight at 9pm.

  • Rail fare rises

  • Find out more about the rail fare rises from the Association of Train Operating Companies.

  • Just the two of us

  • The new series of Just the two of us starts on BBC One, tonight.

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