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The king and queen of the ice

Carol Kirkwood:  mission accomplished
Carol Kirkwood: mission accomplished

Breakfast presenters aren't afraid to take the odd risk on-air, especially if it's for a good cause.

So Carol Kirkwood and sports presenter Chris Hollins didn't have to think for too long, when they were asked to learn a dance routine, on ice, for Children in Need.

It's mission accomplished for both Chris and Carol - they danced live on BBC One, watched by millions.

And they managed to stay on two feet following weeks of training.

  • You can watch the highlights of their ice dance routine - from the link to the right, and Chris and Carol relive their ordeal on Tuesday's Breakfast
  • And they have been keeping a blog of their progress here on this page.


    19 December - Chris Hollins writes:

    "Eleven days to go. Time is running out to get it right and we have so much to work to do.

    That ice is slippery and if you have my sense of rhythm you are asking for trouble.

    The music is chosen and the opening moves are being perfected.

    But Carol and I are struggling to put them together. As soon as the music starts playing we forget everything.

    The routine itself consists of a number of dance steps at the top and some gentle spins.

    Sounds simple but that ice is slippery and if you have my sense of rhythm you are asking for trouble.

    Ugly falls

    Carol can shake her thing with the best of them and she is really showing me up.

    We then have to attempt a lift. My partner Candi is just beginning to trust me. She must be mad.

    We have had a number of ugly falls. But you know what they say about getting it right on the night.

    Out of the corner of my eye I can see that Carol and James are a great combination. Carol's skating really has come along. Let's hope her nerves hold out.

    We will be at Somerset House on Friday morning for our last rehearsal. And Breakfast viewers will get a sneak preview.

    Carol and I will be performing live on the programme. Any last minute tips would be much appreciated."

    30 November - Chris Hollins writes:

    "We're almost at the halfway point and panic is setting in!!

    It's much tougher than we thought it would be.

    After making so much progress so quickly in the first two weeks both Carol and I feel we have reached our peak. And that's not good because we are still a million miles away from being ready to perform in front of 10 million people!!

    "Over the last couple of weeks we have gone from gingerly scraping our way across the rink to something resembling skating.

    "We are beginning to turn, spin and we have even attempted lifts! Now that's all good but when Carol and I try and combine our newly-learnt skills with music we both lose the plot!

    " Thank goodness for our partners Candy and James and of course our coaching staff: Diane, Phillipa and Phil. They are trully amazing.

    "They never lose their temper. They accept the apologies for my swearing without complaint and always the first there to pick us up and dust us down before we try all over again!!

    "Joan and the gang at the Streatham ice rink should also get a mention for all their support. They hide their giggles extremely well whenever they see us!

    "As you may have seen on Breakfast we now have the music and the start of a routine. it includes spins, jumps and the occasional lift. It may look simple but let me assure you it isn't.

    " We are putting in the hours every week to make you proud.

    "Carol and I and of course everyone associated with Children in Need would like to thank you all for sponsoring us and we are determined not to let you down. There will be another update soon.

    Carol Kirkwood's blog31 October - getting the boot...s
    Kitted out with our boots today, but I am never going to be able to do this... it is so so hard. I am terrified of falling over and breaking something. Chris is really improving. I Feel hopeless. Champions Diane and Pippa are coaching us today. Had a spectacular fall and really hurt my coccyx - literally brought tears to my eyes.

    1 November - ice partner
    Skated with another champ James, he's is going to be my skating partner. Like everyone we have met so far, he too is a wee honey with endless patience. Have been concerned about the lifts we are undoubtedly going to have to do, in case I am too heavy for James, but he lifted me like I was a feather and spun me round till I was dizzy!

    14 November - I'm spinning around
    I did it! For the first time in my life, Diane got me skating around the rink all by myself! I'm so chuffed. She is such a fantastic lady. Worked on our routine today. We have changed the music to the Scissor Sisters 'don't feel like dancing' which really does make you feel like dancing. This is just the best fun. The guys with us are totally brilliant. But when Chris and I start to laugh down we go!

    15 November - getting into a routine
    What a scream! We did our the first third of our routine today - loosely speaking. Chris and I were all over the place. Having an absolute ball though!

  • Find out more about Children in Need from the link to the right of this page - and you can donate to Children in Need from that page too.

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