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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 November 2006, 15:44 GMT
September's Information 2006
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    September 2006
    Saturday 30 September

  • Annabel Karmel

  • We talked to the best selling author of children's food books about how to stop children eating junk food. You can get details about all her books on her website by clicking on the link.

    Friday 29 September

  • Adam Hart Davis

  • We talked to the broadcaster Adam Hart Davis about his latest book on how things work. His book is called Just Another Day: the science and technology of our everyday lives. ISBN: 752873342

  • Breakfast podcast

  • We're very sorry that technical problems prevented us publishing our podcast at the normal time. The problem has now been fixed - and the podcast is now available to download.

  • Autumnwatch
  • We're talking to Kate Humble about the latest BBC series. To take part in their wildlife survey, go to the Autumnwatch website

  • Wind turbines

  • The DiY store selling wind turbines to the public is B and Q. As we mentioned, you may need local authority planning permission if you want to put one up on your own home.

  • Lenny Henry

  • You can watch Lenny Henry's latest TV show tonight on BBC One at 9pm. He also mentioned he'll be appearing at Jasper Carrott's Rock with Laughter. It's on for four nights at the NEC, Birmingham, 20-23 December

    Thursday 28 September

  • Ainsley Harriot

  • Came on the programme to talk about his new book - The Feel-Good Cookbook. Publisher: BBC Books, 7 September 2006 ISBN: 0563493526

  • Jack Jones

  • Double Grammy winning singer Jack Jones is touring the UK, with his big band, it's called 'The Love Story Continues' tour.

  • Alan Davies

  • Actor and comedian came on to talk about his new BBC One comedy, Good Housekeeping Guide. It's on BBC One, Saturday at 9.10pm

    Wednesday 27 September

  • Diana Quick

  • Was our guest in the Breakfast studio, the former star of Brideshead Revisited came in to talk about about her role in the English Touring Theatres production of 'Mother Courage and Her Children'. It starts on 5 October at The Richmond Theatre, Surrey.

  • Paul Rodgers

  • The Free frontman, and occasional singer with Queen, goes on a national solo tour, from 1-13 October and there's a retrospective double DVD 'Free Forever' and the double CD 'Free Live at the BBC'.

  • Marti Pellow

  • The Wet Wet Wet singer releases a new soul album, Moonlight Over Memphis out on 2 October on DMG TV Label

    Tuesday 26 September

  • Lung cancer

  • We're discussing why lung cancer rates are rising in women, especially the young. The Women Against Lung Cancer campaign can be contacted through the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, 200 London Road, Liverpool, L3 9TA

  • Janet Street Porter

  • The second instalment of the TV personality's memoirs is out now. It deals with her life in the 1960s and 1970s. It's called: Fall Out: A Memoir of Friends Made and Friends Unmade. ISBN: 0755314956

  • Dragons' den

  • If you want to catch up with what happened to the entrepreneurs featured in Dragons Den, watch the latest programme: Dragons' den: where are they now? on Thursday at 8pm on BBC Two.

    Monday 25 September

  • Beryl Cook paintings

  • The exhibition of Cook's trade-mark paintings of well-upholstered ladies and middle-aged men is at the Portal Gallery in London from today until October 21

    Friday 22 September

  • VAT Fraud

  • You can find out more about so-called "Carousel Fraud" from the BBC Panorama website

  • High heeled shoes

  • We talked to a fashion stylist and a podiatrist about a new brand of high heeled shoes which claims to be as comfortable as a pair of trainers. The shoes are made by the American firm Cole Haan and cost around 150 a pair. They use the same technology as Nike running shoes. Our podiatrist reckoned you might get a similar effect by buying a (much cheaper) pair of party gel cushions to wear inside your favourite stilettos.

    Wednesday 20 September

  • Linford Christie

  • Olympic gold medallist Linford Christie has been involved in "Street Athletics" which aims to get children fit. The finals of the competition are being held in Manchester on 24th September.

  • Children's book

  • The author Michael Morpurgo read to us from his latest book, Alone on a Wide Sea. It's published by Harper Collins Children's books. ISBN: 0007230567

  • Book: What Makes Women Happy

  • Fay Weldon's latest book, which has already provoked controversy, is published by Fourth Estate. ISBN: 0002258544

    Tuesday 19 September

  • Manic Depression

  • We'll be finding out more about manic depression - or bi-polar disorder as it's also known - ahead of tonight's two part series with Stephen Fry. The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive starts tonight on BBC Two at 9pm. There's also a helpline, run by MDF, the bipolar organisation: 08456 340540.

  • Pound a poem

  • We're talking to the children's author Jacqueline Wilson about the charity fund-raising poetry website. The idea is to get children to write a poem about fruit and vegetables - at 1 an entry - to raise money for cancer research. Schools have already been sent information packs.

  • Postage stamps online

  • The Royal Mail is launching a new service so you can buy your stamps online

  • Hidden House History

  • Unfortunately, the house history programme is not on the BBC. You can watch it on The History Channel. There's a website, also non-BBC, to go with it

    Monday 18 September

  • How to get the Breakfast podcast

  • From today, you'll be able to download our early morning summary onto your MP4 player or computer.

  • John Mortimer: Voyage Round my Father

  • We talked to the author and barrister John Mortimer about his autobiographical play, A Voyage Round My Father, which is on at the Wyndham's Theatre in London's West End until December

    Thursday 14 September

  • Extras

  • We heard from Ashley Jensen who plays Maggie in Extras - she was in LA. The new series of Extras starts tonight (Thursday 14 September) on BBC Two at 9pm.

  • Green supermarkets

  • Rewards for reusing carrier bags, packaging to go on the compost heap, and even wind turbines on their roofs. Britain's big supermarkets all want to show off their green credentials, but a survey says they are still not doing enough. The National Consumer Council wants the UK's eight leading chains to do more to cut waste and source more food locally.

  • Spooks: Rupert Penry-Jones

  • Came into the studio to talk about the return of the thrilling intelligence drama 'Spooks'. New series starts Sunday 17 September 9pm BBC ONE

  • Mobile phone roaming

  • See our separate story for Declan's advice on mobile phone roaming.

  • Lee Durrell

  • It's the 50th anniversary of the book My Family and Other Animals, which is being republished for kids. Gerald Durrell's widow, Lee came into the studio to tell us about them and his lasting legacy.

  • John Challis
    The Former Only Fools and Horses star, Boycie came into the studio to talk about the new Series of Green Green Grass. The first episode is Friday 15 September, 8.30pm on BBC One.

    Wednesday 13 September

  • Brain surgery appeal

  • We talked to Pete Nash, a 38 year old father who's been refused NHS funding for an operation to remove a growth in his brain. Pete has a condition called AVM which means that blood vessels are growing abnormally inside his brain. He has found a hospital in Bristol which will operate to remove the growth - but his local Primary Care Trust won't pay because they say the surgery is too risky. Pete and his family have set up a website to raise the money for the operation. It's called Pete's Fund

    Gas and electricity bills
    If you're on a low income and having problems with your gas and electricity bills, you may be able to get help and advice from two charities - the Gas energy trust and the EDF energy trust

  • Gaffes

  • We're talking to the author of a book on public gaffes. It's called The Little Book of Banana Skins and it's by Donough O'Brien. It will be published next month.

  • Romantic Fiction

  • You can watch Daisy Goodwin's series on Romantic Fiction on BBC Four on Monday at 9pm

    Tuesday 12 September

  • Restoration village

  • You can find out more about restoration village from their own website

  • Alison Lapper

  • Alison Lapper is an artist who shot to fame when Marc Quinn's statue of her naked, pregnant body was put on the spare plinth in Trafalgar Square. She has now written her autobiography. It's called My Life in My Hands - and it's published by Pocket Books. ISBN 1416511016.

  • Young engineers: stair steady invention

  • We're talking to the 16 year old winner of the annual young engineers award. She's called Ruth Amos and her winning design is for people who have trouble climbing stairs.

    Monday 11 September

  • Stammering

  • You can see the full programme on Heidi King's journey to America, on BBC East's regional programme tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm. You can also watch anywhere in the country, if you have Digital Satellite TV. The device which has been implanted, called SpeechEasy, is not available currently in the UK

  • Grammar

  • We talked to the author and journalist, Lynne Truss, who's just produced a special illustrated children's version of her book on English grammar, Eats Shoots and Leaves. Its subtitle is: why commas really do make a difference and it's published by Profile Books. ISBN: 10 1 86197 816 2 (author Lynne Truss; illustrator Bonnie Timmons)

    Friday 8 September

  • Climate change documentary

  • We talked to the former US Vice President Al Gore about his campaign to halt climate change. If you'd like to watch his documentary on climate change, you'll need to go to the cinema. The film is called An Inconvenient Truth and goes on general release in British cinemas on September 15.

  • EastEnders: Downs Syndrome
    We talked to the producers of EastEnders about their latest storyline, in which Honey and Billy's baby has Downs Syndrome. You can find out more about Downs from EastEnder's own website

  • Wednesday 6 September

  • Pam Ayres
    Her new book, Surgically Enhanced, is published this week by Hodder and Stoughton

  • Findlay Young
  • He is running half marathons around the world to raise money for cancer research

    Tuesday 5 September

  • Sandra Howard
  • Wife of the former Conservative leader has written her first novel - Glass Houses Publisher: Simon and Schuster, 4 September 2006 ISBN: 0743285557

  • Growing old in the sun

  • For all the information, and to watch the films in our latest series follow the link below.

    Monday 4 September

  • Evacuation

  • Matt Baker joins 12 city-dwelling children as they spend two weeks living as wartime evacuees at a typical Forties farmhouse with no modern comforts. In the first episode, the youngsters register with the billeting officer and get a taste of old-fashioned catering. BBC1 5pm Monday 4 September.

  • Alan Titchmarsh

  • The gardening presenter's new novel is called 'Love and Dr Devon'.

  • Rogue Traders

  • The new series begins at 8.30pm on Monday 4 September on BBC1.

    Sunday 3 September

  • Enjoy England website

  • Go to

    Saturday 2 September

  • Royal United Services Institute

  • We spoke to Garry Hindle, of the Royal United Services Institute - he's a terrorism analyst from the defence and security think-tank.

    Friday 1 September

  • Test the Nation 2006

  • The answers to our puzzles were; 1. The tie changed in the picture, 2. The straight line was C, 3. The correct word was 'Tin'. You can see Test the Nation on BBC1 from 9.20pm on Saturday 2nd September.

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