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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 May 2006, 09:38 GMT 10:38 UK
March's information, 2006
  • This page contains archived information from March 2006 It's only one page on the Breakfast website: to explore the rest of the site, start with the link to our home page on the right hand side.

    We update this page every weekday - and you will find items listed in date order (with the most recent at the top).

    If you can't find what you want here, try our phone line: 08707 87 87 87. It's open from 7am to midnight every day. Calls are charged at the normal national rate.

    Friday 31 March

  • Online bullying
    We spoke to ChildLine about how to deal with bullies who set up websites to target their victims. You can get help from ChildLine on 0800 1111

  • BBC Sport/ICM Survey
    If you want to look at the complete BBC Sport/ICM survey, follow the link below - you will need a PDF document viewer installed on your computer.

  • Strictly Dance Fever
    The new series of the hit dance programme returns for series two, Starts Saturday 1 April 7pm and 9.30pm on BBC One and 8.05pm on BBC Three.

  • Turning your back on DIY
    Susannah Streeter was in Bristol looking at why we're turning our back on DIY in favour of GSI: get someone in. There's more on the Money Programme, BBC Two, Friday 31 March, 7.00pm.

    Thursday 30 March

  • The Apprentice
    The latest victim to be fired by Sir Alan Sugar from BBC Two's programme, The Apprentice is Jo Cameron. She's set up a website to expand the job opportunities for people from ethnic minorities.

  • Wanless inquiry into care
    Derek Wanless has completed his report for the King's Fund, you can find out more from the think tank's website.

    You can find out more about care issues for yourself or an elderly relative contact CareAware on the freephone number

    08705 134 925

  • Hugh Dancy Appears in a BBC Films movie, Shooting Dogs which opens on Friday 31 March. It's based on a story written by a BBC journalist David Belton who was working in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide.

  • Punk
    BBC 6 celebrates 30 years of punk and has a special website devoted to the music and culture.

    Wednesday 29 March

  • Dying
    We talked to Esther Rantzen about her programme How to Have a Good Death which goes out tomorrow night on BBC Two at 9pm. There's much more on the health section of the BBC website The BBC has also produced a booklet: planning a good death

    Tuesday 28 March

  • David Gray
    We talked to the singer about his latest album, which is called Life in Slow Motion. His latest single is called Alibi. They're available on the Atlantic label.

  • Don't Mess with Miss Beckles
    You can watch Yolande Beckles at work with children from a London comprehensive on BBC Two tonight at 9pm

    Monday 27 March

  • Movin' out
    We talked to Twyla Tharp and James Fox about the musical Movin Out, which combines dance with the music of Billy Joel. Previews begin tomorrow night, at the Apollo Theatre, London

  • Trumpton
    Digitally re-mastered DVDs of Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green are being released by Right Entertainment between now and May.They cost 14.99 each.

    Friday 24 March

  • Hoax 999 calls
    We're talking to the makers of a new DVD for schools, which highlights the dangers of making hoax calls, particularly to the Fire Brigade. It's called Code 6 - another hoax call and it's aimed at 8-14 year olds. You can find out more from the British Telecom website, which also has downloadable lesson plans and worksheets.

  • Downloading films
    We're talking to the head of Universal Pictures about his decision to make films like King Kong available to download.

  • Lord of the Rings: the musical
    The musical version of the Tolkein trilogy is being staged in Canada - although it is hoped that it will transfer to London some time next year.

    Thursday 23 March

  • TUC website
    Declan talked about a new website launched by the TUC that's full of information including how you can find out what colleagues in other jobs are earning, and find out company information from the Work Smart website.

    Tuesday 21 March

  • Planet earth
    If you want to see more of the amazing pictures from the BBC's new series, Planet Earth, you need to tune in to BBC One at 9pm this Sunday.

    Monday 20 March

  • Still having trouble watching regional news bulletins?
    While we're on BBC Two (for the duration of the Commonwealth Games) digital viewers won't be able to watch their usual regional news bulletins. The short answer is to turn off your digibox and go back to the old analogue TV signal (which gives you the five basic TV channels) If you'd like to know more, follow this link

  • Pester power
    You can watch more about children who nag their parents to buy the latest toys and games on BBC Three tonight: Little Shopping Horrors at 8pm.

  • Merchant Ivory
    The latest - and last - Merchant Ivory film is called The White Countess

    Friday 17 March

  • Breakfast on BBC Two
    Find out more about Breakfast's temporary move on to BBC Two during the Commonwealth Games.

  • Ballroom dancing record
    If you want to take part in the big ballroom challenge on the 6 May, you will need to register in advance. The event takes place at the Battersea Park Arena, and you will need to raise enough sponsorship to enter the event. This is not a BBC event, you can get all details you need from this website:

  • The Money Programme
    We featured an interview with DJ Semtex from BBC Radio 1Xtra
    and Max Flint from the Money Programme about tonight's report into rapper 50 Cent and branding. The Money Programme - 50 Cent: Money Machine, BBC Two, Friday 17 March, 1900 GMT

  • National Pensions Debate
    We covered the National Pensions Debate in our business reports today.

    The Chatterley Affair
    BBC Four drama - The Chatterley Affair. Hugely famous obscenity trial - this tells the story of two jurors whose relationship mirrors that of Lady Chatterley and Mellors. BBC Four Monday 20 March, 2100 GMT.

    Thursday 16 March

  • Breakfast on BBC Two
    Find out more about Breakfast's temporary move on to BBC Two during the Commonwealth Games.

  • Andrea Bocelli
    Tenor returns with new album: Amore, it's on the Universal label ASIN: B000CY3T8Y, and is available now

    Wednesday 15 March

  • Film
    We talked to actor and writer Julian Fellowes about his latest film, which is called Separate Lies. It has just been released on DVD by Twentieth Century Fox

    Tuesday 14 March

  • Heart drug
    We're discussing the heart drug which researchers are saying may actually reverse damage to the arteries. Statins are commonly prescribed for heart conditions and strokes - and it seems that high doses of one particular Statin, rosuvastatin, may actually de-fur the arteries.

  • Vintage clothes
    The website for vintage clothes which we discussed is called What's mine is

  • Climate change
    If you have broadband and you'd like to take part in the BBC's climate change experiment, follow this link

    Monday 13 March

  • The family that walks on all fours
    You can see the documentary on BBC Two on Friday at 9pm

  • Schools space competition
    The schools space competition we mentioned is for children from 13 to 18. It closes on Sunday March 19

    Friday 10 March

  • School Reports
    My Appalling School Report, BBC Two starts Friday 10 March, 2200 GMT (four part series)

  • Rachel Stirling
    We spoke to Rachael Stirling, who is the daughter of Diana Rigg. Rachael is in BBC Two's Riot at the Rite, Saturday 11 March, 2100 GMT

  • Patricia Routledge
    Is starring in the play The Best of Friends at the Richmond Theatre in May. Please search online for other dates and appearances as the play will be touring.

    Thursday 9 March

  • Autism
    We talk to Marti Leimbach, the author of a new novel - Daniel Isn't Talking - which looks at the untold story of raising autistic children and the pressure it puts on a couple's marriage. It's published by Fourth Estate: ISBN is 0007217005.

  • Get Smarter in a Week
    You can see the BBC's full programme on Saturday 11 March, 6.35pm to 7.35pm; and 9.00pm to 10.00pm

  • Magnet therapy
    We debated magnetic therapy - which is now available under limited circumstances on the NHS - and asked whether it actually works (our regular GP Dr Rosemary Leonard says the jury is still out on the subject) The magnet therapist we talked to, Lilias Curtin, has a website

    Wednesday 8 March

  • Waterloo Road
    We talked to the actress Angela Griffin about the new BBC Drama series Waterloo Road, which is set in a tough school in Manchester. It starts on Thursday night at 8pm
  • Childcare book
    We talked to childcare expert Steve Biddulph about his new book: Raising Babies - Should Under 3's Go To Nursery? It's published by Harper Thorsons: ISBN 0007221924.

    Tuesday 7 March

    Barbara Taylor Bradford
    The author's latest book is Emma Harte Saga - 'Just Rewards' published by HarperCollins, ISBN - 0007197594. It was released on sale in paperback on Monday 6th March.

    Russell Watson
    We talk to the popular singer about his latest album - The Ultimate Collection - which includes all of his biggest hits plus two new songs, I Have Nothing and Can't Help Falling in Love. His album is released Monday 13th March on the label DECCA and the catalogue number is 4757672.

    Friday 3 March

  • Oscars
    For in depth coverage from BBC News on the Oscars, follow the link below.

    Thursday 2 March

  • Oscars
    For in depth coverage from BBC News on the Oscars, follow the link below.

  • Hospital Car Parking
    You can contact Macmillan Cancer Relief for help and advice on dealing with cancer, they can tell you how to get help with car parking costs for hospital visits.

    You can also call: 0800 500 800

  • World Book Day
    We spoke to John Bird, the founder of the Big Issue magazine and television presenter Kristian Digby about World Book Day, which is today.

    Wednesday 1 March

  • Stockard Channing
    We talked to the star of The West Wing about her role in Bob Balaban's play about prisoners on about death row.The play is called The Exonerated and it will run until the end of April at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith

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