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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 April 2006, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
January's Information, 2006
  • This page contains archived information from Breakfast's programmes during January 2006. It's listed in date order with the most recent entry at the top.

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    Recently archived information pages:

    Tuesday 31 January

  • Poetry
    We talked to poet Roger McGough and broadcaster Daisy Goodwin about the lack of poetry teaching in British schools. If you're interested in poetry, try the links on the BBC's Arts website

  • Martin Jarvis
    We talked to the actor Martin Jarvis - best-known for reading the Just William books on BBC Audio - about his latest West End play. You can catch Honour at Wyndham's Theatre, London WC1.

    Monday 30 January

  • Avoiding cowboy builders
    We're reporting on a government scheme which helps householders employ reputable builders. It's called Trustmark and you can find more details on the Trustmark website

    Friday 27 January

  • Design classics
    We're talking to the fashion designer Wayne Hemingway about the BBC's search for new British design classics. To find out more and vote for your favourite, go to the BBC's Designquest website

  • Mozart Exhibition
    The Mozart exhibition which Julia Botfield mentioned is called Viva Mozart. It's in the composer's home town of Salzburg in Austria. If you can't afford a ticket to Salzburg, BBC Radio Three has plenty of special coverage of Mozart's anniversary

    Thursday 26 January

  • Katrina Leskanich
    The Eurovision singer is now going solo. Her single, "They Don't Know" is out now. On 8 February she plays the Borderline in Soho, London.

  • Parenting Video
    We talked about good parenting and the parenting resource on the BBC website with Melinda Messenger.

    Wednesday 25 January

  • White Van Driving
    We featured an item about white van drivers.

    Tuesday 24 January

  • Front Gardens
    We featured an item about the number of people who are paving over their front gardens so they can park their cars.

  • Glaucoma and diabetes
    Find out more from the RNIB which says over two million people in the UK are at risk of needlessly losing their sight through treatable eye conditions like glaucoma and diabetes.

  • British Weather
    Tom Fort, the author who's written a book about our great British obsession with the weather - Under the Weather, published by Random House, ISBN: 1844133699

  • Derailed
    Clive Owen stars in Derailed which had its premier last night. Opens on the 3 February, certificate to be advised.

    Monday 23 January

  • Anthony Walker
    We spoke to the mother and sister of Anthony Walker, the murdered Liverpool teenager. His mother, Gee is taking part in events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

  • Hidden Mysteries
    Brand new daytime series looking into historical mysteries, presented Jonathan Foyle - it's a ten-part series exploring local history nationwide, starts 3pm today (Monday) on BBC Two.

  • Diana Moran
    Former Breakfast TV's very own Green Goddess came in to tell us about her new book. Live Longer, Feel Younger, Look Great. Octopus Publishing Group ISBN: 0600612260 out now.

    Friday 20 January

  • Weather location
    Our weather forecasts this morning came from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust's reserve at Slimbridge near Gloucester. You can find out more about visiting the WWT's reserves from their website

  • Strictly Dance Fever
    We talked to Arelene Philips about the BBC's new show, Strictly Dance Fever, which is a sort of talent competition for amateur dancers. Find out more details from the Dance Fever website or call 09011 22 33 00 - Calls cost 25p

    Thursday 19 January


  • Secondary School League Tables

    Wednesday 18 January

  • Cot death
    Our full story has advice on how to put your baby to sleep. The Foundation for the Study of Infant deaths has a helpline: 020 7233 2090, for parents, carers and health professionals and bereaved families

  • Backpacker safety
    You can find tips on how to stay safe on backpacking holidays on the website set up by Tim Blackman, after the murder of his daughter Lucie One of our guests mentioned she'd been on a safety course for backpackers. It's run by a company called Planetwise

    Tuesday 17 January

  • Man overboard locator
    Our reporter Tim Muffet demonstrated a new locator device for fishermen who fall overboard. The device won't be launched until May, but you can get more details of the MOB Locator from the RNLI - the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Monday 16 January

  • Children's book
    The children's book about the holocaust is called The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and it's by John Boyne.The author says it's aimed at children over ten years old.

  • Ruthie Henshall
    There's a CD to coincide with the series I Love Musicals, which begins on Saturday night. The CD is released today: ASIN: B000CMNHJ2

    Friday 13 January

  • Icons of England
    Our weather forecasts today are coming from Salisbury Cathedral, which has just been nominated as an icon of England. If you'd like to vote on which is your favourite symbol of England, or nominate your own, you'll need to go to the Icons website. By the way, the website isn't run by the BBC - and it was their idea (not ours) to restrict the choice to England!

  • Singing
    The songbook mentioned by Richard Stillgoe is called: Singbook - twelve songs worth singing. It was published by Faber Music in June 2005. ISBN: 057152398. You can find out more by e-mailing:

    Thursday 12 January

  • World Class: schools twinning programme.
    Natasha Kaplinsky reported on the BBC's World Class scheme which puts schools in Africa in touch with schools in the UK, via email.

  • Cancer and benefits
    For help with claiming benefits if you have cancer, talk to Macmillan Cancer Relief's helpline: 0808 808 2020. The official government benefit Inquiry Line is 0800 882 2200

    Wednesday 11 January

  • Family History: Sheila Hancock
    We talked to the actress Sheila Hancock about the BBC's family history series: Who do you think you are

  • New website to help you calculate Christmas debt
    Declan mentioned a new bbc website to help you calculate your Christmas debt, in relation to credit cards.

  • The Museum of Brands

    Robert Opie from the museum of brands was on the programme, to talk about the demise of Golden Wonder crisps. The Museum of Brands is at: 2 Colville Mews, Lonsdale Road, Notting Hill, London W1 2AR.

    Tuesday 10 January

  • Personal finance quiz
    If you missed the answers to the personal finance questions which Declan set at 6.20am this morning, here they are:
    1 Your chances of winning the National Lottery jackpot are around 1 in 14m; 2 The letters SSP on your payslip stand for Statutory Sick Pay; 3 The Royal Mint makes sterling coins in the UK. The quiz is part of an education pack designed by the Institute of Financial Services.

  • Jonathan Edwards
    We talked to the Olympic triple jump gold medalist Jonathan Edwards about his new series for BBC Radio Four. Jonathan Edwards Looks Into.. begins on Thursday at 9pm.

    Monday 9 January

  • Life House
    Sarah Campbell reported from the Sheffield Life House. Last May we took you to a brand-new house in Sheffield for a unique experiment. One family had volunteered to live there, enjoying luxury accommodation with all the mod-cons. But there was one catch - they all had to wear electronic tags monitoring their every movement.

  • Alvin Hall
    Alvin came into the Breakfast studio today to talk about giving our finances a new year make-over

  • Sir Trevor Brooking
    In this, the 125th season of the FA Cup, the FA are compiling an official FA Cup Heroes Team. Sir Trevor will be chairing the committee that will select the final 25 for punters to vote for on the FA website.

    Friday 6 January

  • Step families
    You can see Step Families on BBC One on Wednesday at 10.40pm

    Thursday 5 January

  • Pay off Your Mortgage in Two Years
    New BBC Two series, challenges eight households to pay off their mortgage in two years. The programme features business advisor Rene Carayol and contributors Anne Marie and Sean Casey Poole. First programme 8pm, Thursday 5 January.

  • Online scams
    We reported on how some people were being ripped off when buying or selling items online.

    Wednesday 4 January

  • Harry the cat
    We featured the story of Harry the cat, star of a BBC One series starting at 8.30 on Thursday. The new series is called Super Vets and the first programme features Harry's open heart surgery.

    Tuesday 3 January

  • Giorgio Alessio
    White Truffle: Yorkshire Pudding, published by La Trifula Publishing, ISBN: 0954975308

  • Charlie Higson
    Blood Fever is published by Puffin Books, ISBN: 0141318600

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