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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 February 2006, 05:46 GMT
Ibrahim's blog: Reunited with Kyle
Ibrahim Conti
Ibrahim wants to be a journalist and loves music just like his pen pal
Although Kyle and Ibrahim live thousands of miles apart, they have become best of friends through the BBC's World Class scheme which twins schools.

Both boys are 15, blind and love their music, and they have met once before.

Breakfast followed the boys as they were re-united earlier in the month and Ibrahim shares his thoughts with us here:

  • Saturday: Kyle's arrival
    We really enjoyed welcoming our friends. And Kyle was really excited as this is his first taste of Africa.

    When they arrived we welcomed them with some African drums.

    I was excited about him coming because when I visited him in England he treated me very well, like one of the family.

    I remember that and will treat him very well too. I thought they were going to be shy but they are very happy.

  • Monday: School

    The art class is very interesting. Today we have been trying to put together a map of Sierra Leone which the UK children will take back with them.

    We've also looked at the map which they brought from England to Sierra Leone. It is really good - we've learned a lot of things.

    The map is made up of different fabrics with things attached.

    We could feel mountains, so we knew for example where Scotland was. For the Sierra Leone map we're using cassava leaves, coconut leaves, bottle tops - many things.

  • Tuesday: The Choir Competition

    Today it was the local choir competition. We did two song: Evergreen - the Westlife version - but actually it was written by Will Young.

    World Class Visit
    Kyle and Ibrahim
    Our friendship won't end until we die
    Ibrahim Conti, Sierra Leone

    And we did an African song which was composed by the headmaster and the deputy. We did that song very well I think.

    And I think we sang more than we were singing before when we won the competition. So I wonder why we didn't win this time. But never mind we should accept defeat.

    We did our best but the judges at the end were so harsh.

    They were not able to give advice in a polite way. Instead they shouted at the competitors and were just very harsh.

    And at the end the Tower Hill won. But never mind. We've won the competition twice, this is the third time and we just missed it.

  • Wednesday: School Court

    This court is just for the students here at the School for the blind. It was created by the deputy headmaster and the deputy, Mr Sam Campbell and Mr Sandy.

    It was created before most of us were here, back in the 70s. They started the court because they wanted to put law and order back into tuition.

    I think without that court most laws would have been disobeyed. But with the help of the court, the laws are somehow doing well.

    I was charged with being late for meal time and found guilty. My punishment was to wash all the dishes on prize-giving day.

  • Last thoughts

    Our friendship won't end until we die. I've enjoyed it, we've learned a lot and I'll think about Kyle a lot at class.

    It doesn't matter that we live far apart, our friendship will last. And we'll both try to do something better for the world. We're like brothers.

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    Kyle's Sierra Leone blog
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