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June's Information

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    Thursday 30 June

  • Princess Michael of Kent
    We talked to Princess Michael of Kent about her new book, The Serpent and the Moon

    Wednesday 29 June

  • Elephant Diaries
    This is a new series which follows a year in the life of Kenya's orphaned elephants. Jonathan Scott, wildlife author photographer and co-presenter of this series joined us on the programme to tell us about this jumbo problem. It starts Monday 4 July BBC ONE 7pm.

  • Bill Cullen
    The Irish author Bill Cullen was on Breakfast to talk about his book: "Golden Apples: Six Simple Steps to Success". The book chronicles his rags to riches story and explains how to make your life successful. It's published by Hodder and Stoughton.

  • Relationship break-up
    We discussed a new website which tries to guide people through the practicalities of relationship break-ups: who pays the rent, who gets the pets?

  • Financial Healthcheck
    The BBC has launched a website to help people who are having financial problems.

    Tuesday 28 June

  • Falklands history
    We talked to the author of a new book about the Falklands war, which re-visits the controversy of the sinking of the Belgrano. 'The Official History of the Falklands Campaign' is by Prof Lawrence Freedman.

  • Ile Nastase
    We're talking to the Romanian tennis player who's just published his autobiography. Called Mr Nastase, it's published by Collins, ISBN: 0007178395

  • Autism
    To find out more about one family's struggle with autism, watch One Life on BBC One tonight at 10.30pm: The Twin who could only scream

    Monday 27 June

  • Trafalgar celebrations
    Full details of the Trafalgar exhibition - and the music used in Lucy Moore's special report - can be found on our special story on Trafalgar

    Friday 24 June

  • Africa 05
    Is the biggest celebration of African culture ever organised in Britain, including visual arts, cinema, literature, history, music, craft, and performing arts. Find out more from these links:

    Thursday 23 June

  • Linda Robson
    You can see the co-star of Birds of a Feather in Nick Moran's play Telstar - which is about the life of the pop producer Joe Meek. It opened at the New Ambassadors Theatre, London on Monday and runs until September 10.

    Wednesday 22 June

  • Working Family Tax Credit
    If you're worried about your tax credit - or worried you may need to pay money back - there is a government helpline: 0845 300 39 000.

  • Exercise in school playgrounds
    We talked to playleaders from the organisation FitKid, which runs courses in conjunction with the YMCA.

  • Infertility
    We discussed the latest research on infertility with our regular GP Dr Rosemary Leonard.

  • Laziness We talked to Corinne Maier, the French author of Bonjour Paresse - "Hello Laziness: Why Hard Work Doesn't Pay". It's published by Orion ISBN: 0752871862

    Tuesday 21 June

  • Summer solstice photos
    We had a massive response to our appeal for your digital images of sunrise. We're afraid it's now too late to send us any more - but you can see a small selection on our story and picture gallery.

    Monday 20 June

  • Solstice photos
    We're asking for your digital photos of tomorrow's summer solstice. Do read our full story and instructions before you get snapping

  • Damien Rice
    We'll be talking to the Irish singer/songwriter about his single to mark the sixtieth birthday of the Burmese democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi. It's called Unplayed Piano.

  • Bus from Africa
    We talked to the actress Emma Thompson, who's taking a special bus to Downing Street, with messages from African people to the Prime Minister. It's part of the charity Actionaid's lobbying ahead of the G8 summit.

    Friday 17 June

  • Mary Poppins
    One of our guests mentioned that the stage producers of the West End musical Mary Poppins are looking for children to join the cast. They're looking for boys and girls, with singing, acting and some dancing skills, to play roles between eight and 11 years old. If you want to find out more, go to the Mary Poppins website - or email Please be aware that this is NOT a BBC production.

  • Silent calls
    Our reporter Graham Satchell has been investigating silent calls and telephone marketing calls. You can avoid most calls by registering with something called the Telephone Preference. This is completely free of charge and run by the Direct Marketing Association. TPS, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street London W1W 8SS. Telephone: 0845 0700707

    Wednesday 15 June

  • Family Robertson
    We spoke to two of the children of the Robertson family who survived an amazing 1970s Family Robinson-style shipwreck . They have written a book about their story called: "The Last Voyage of the Lucette" by Douglas Robertson, published by Seafarer Books, ISBN: 095427508. There is also a documentary, Sunday, 6pm, National Geographic Channel.

  • Elaine Paige
    Elaine Paige has now branched out even further to prove her skills as television actress, opera singer, recording artist and radio presenter. She's due to perform some of her West End and Broadway showstoppers in the summer. June 17th, Hampton Court Festival - 0870 890 0147. June 26th, Petworth Park, Hampshire - 0870 240 4068. Elaine's Radio 2 programme is every Sunday from 1pm - 2.30pm.

    Tuesday 14 June

  • Kath and Kim
    We talked to the Australian comediennes behind the series Kath and Kim, which is a spoof soap opera. You can see Kath and Kim on BBC Two on Thursday nights, at 10pm

  • Giving blood
    We talked to Heather Mills McCartney about a campaign to attract more blood donors.

  • Manchester United
    We jumped the gun a little in our business report on Manchester United this morng. At 7.50am, Declan said Malcolm Glazer can now force rebel Manchester United shareholders to sell their investment. In fact, Mr Glazer needs another 204,000 shares, or another 0.3% of the company, before he can. He says sorry for the mistake.

    Monday 13 June

  • Michael Dibdin
    We talked to the author about his latest Aurelio Zen novel. It's called Back to Bologna - but unfortunately it's not published here until August.

  • Sian Phillips
    The Unexpected Man, starring Sian Philips and Peter Bowles, is on tour across the UK

    Friday 10 June

  • Roald Dahl
    We were live at the Roald Dahl museum and story centre in Buckinghamshire. You can find out more about the centre:

    The address is:
    Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre
    81 to 83 High Street
    Great Missenden
    HP16 0AL

    01494 892 192
    Nicki also found out more about the BBC/Oxford English Dictionary's 'word hunt':

  • Ospreys
    Danny Savage was in the Lake District where one of the biggest environment success stories involving the breeding of ospreys is happening with two hatched chicks this year.

  • Painkillers
    We reported the news that patients taking commonly used painkillers such as Ibuprofen have an increased risk of developing a heart attack, according to research published in the British Medical Journal.

    Thursday 9 June

  • Canal book
    Pensioners Terry and Monica Darlington sailed their narrow canal boat across the English Channel, and have now written a book about their experiences. It's called Narrow Dog to Carcasoone, by Bantam Press, ISBN: 0593053117

  • Kippers
    You can see the Money Programme: Honey we Can't get Rid of the Kids, at 1900 hrs on Friday 10 June, on BBC Two

    Wednesday 8 June

  • Computer file sharing
    We talked to the internet organisation Childnet which is promoting a new campaign warning children that swapping music files and other file-sharing is illegal.

  • JoJo Moyes
    We're talking to the journalist about her new book based on her grandmother's experiences of sailing from Australia to Britain, just after the Second World War. Her book is called The Ship of Brides" and published by Hodder and Stoughton, ISBN: 0340830107

  • Orange Prize for Fiction
    We're also talking to the woman who's just won the Orange Prize for Fiction. Lionel Shriver's book is called We Need to talk about Kevin.

  • Back pain
    We're talking to our resident GP Dr Rosemary Leonard and an osteopath, Irene Phillips, about back pain. Irene uses a "bionic hand" to treat back-pain at her clinic in Surrey - a treatment which is not available on the NHS. There is a website for the clinic - but please remember we're providing this link for information: we're in no position to recommend the clinic or its treatment. As with any health problem, your first port of call should be your own GP

    Tuesday 7 June

  • Mobile phone bullying
    The charity NCH has set up a new website to help children who are being bullied by mobile phone. This includes threatening text messages and the new craze of "happy slapping. It's called stop text bully

  • Electronic cot
    The cot we featured which monitors the temperature and rocks automatically is not, unfortunately, available commercially. It's a degree project by students at the University of Coventry's School of Art and Design. It's currently on display at the university's annual degree show, which ends on June 9. We also talked to the Foundation for the Study of Infant death about cot death. You can find much more information on their website

  • Denis Tuohy
    We're talking to the TV presenter and actor about his memoirs. They're called Wide-Eyed in Medialand: a broadcaster's journey. Published by Blackstaff Press, May 2005

  • Jane Krakowski
    The actress who plays Ally McBeal's secretary is in London, to star in the musical Guys and Dolls at the Picadilly Theatre in London.

  • Val Kilmer
    You can see the Hollywood star Val Kilmer on stage in London at the moment, in an adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice. It's on at The Playhouse, Northumberland Ave.

    Monday 6 June

  • Growing tea in England
    We talked to the head gardener of an English estate which is trying to grow tea plants commercially. It's called Tregothnan and it's in Cornwall

  • Live 8 tickets
    Our full story has details of how to enter the competition for Live 8 tickets. This is not being run by the BBC - and you will need to be over 16 years old to enter.

  • "Digital" pen
    Our business team reported on a special "digital" pen which can process hand-written forms more quickly, by downloading the data you write directly to computer. It's being developed by Accenture Technology Labs

    Friday 3 June

  • British Heart Week
    Organised by the British Heart Foundation, this year concentrates on women and heart disease.

  • Frank Zappa
    Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa perform the music of their late father, Frank Zappa in a European Tour.

  • Beethoven
    Actor Paul Rhys stars as the tortured genius in tonight's drama-documentary at 9pm on BBC Two, as part of the BBC's Beethoven season.

    Thursday 2 June

  • Hold my hand: a mother's journey
    We talked to Glenys Scott who's written a moving book about caring for her son, who received devastating head injuries in Australia. It's published in harbdback by Sidgwick and Jackson. ISBB: 0 283 0720 X

  • Lifeless
    We talked to the stand-up comedian Mark Billington about his new novel, Lifeless. It's published by Little Brown.

  • Young musician
    The twelve year old musician we talked to is called Alex Prior. He's perfoming in a concert tonight at St Martin in the Fields Church in London.
  • Singer
    We also talked to a former army officer turned singer, called James Blunt. His album Back to Bedlam is number four in the UK charts and he will be playing at Glastonbury later this summer.

  • New Forest National Park
    You can find out more about national parks in the UK from the Forestry Commission

    Wednesday 1 June

  • Leylandii and other troublesome hedges
    New legislation comes into force today, to make sure that householders don't let their hedges grow too high. Your local council will enforce the new rules, which have been drawn up by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) And the group hedgeline has been set up to help householders fight their case.

  • Parking
    You can watch Whistleblower tonight on BBC One at 9pm. Breakfast's full story on parking contains links to official appeals websites

  • A Picture of Britain
    The new programme, narrated by David Dimbleby, begins on BBC One this Sunday (June 5) at 9pm

  • League of Gentlemen
    The film The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (certificate 15) will be on general release across Britain from June 3

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