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Last Updated: Friday, 20 May, 2005, 05:46 GMT 06:46 UK
Why the weather's causing a storm
The BBC's new graphics
The new graphics found their way on to the front page of the Times
It's five days since the BBC launched its new hi tech three dimensional graphics in all television weather forecasts.

But the demise of the old style charts has certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Some people love the fact that they can see exactly where it's raining, others are unhappy about the brown colour used to represent the surface of the UK.

The new look has certainly whipped up something of a storm.

  • On Friday's Breakfast, Ben Ando looked at your comments - and this week's weather forecaster Helen Willetts tackled some of them head on.

    From the Shetlands to the Channel Islands it seems everyone has had something to say about the new look weather graphics. But what is it about the high-tech map that's got people blowing hot and cold?

    There have been objections to the size of Scotland and complaints about how difficult it is to understand the information.

    Despite the fuss, feedback to the BBC's Audience Research Department indicates 48% of you approve of the changes.

    Weather: some of your comments - for and against:

    I am confused over the new weather maps. Scotland has been so minimised that it is out of proportion to the whole of the UK and is extremely difficult to see where Scottish cities are on the map.
    John Dawson

    "The forecast used to be quick and easy to understand. Now you really have to concentrate" said
    Merrony Hughes, Leicestershire

    "I woke up this morning to find I now live in a desert. What's happened to the green green grass of home?"
    Mike Rees, South Wales

    "The new weather graphics are modern and stylish - a definite step forward."
    Alex Newall, London

    "I can actually see exactly where it is raining and plan my walks, gardening and shopping accordingly."
    Carolyn Mackey, Stratford Upon Avon

    "The extra detail for rain is great. Much better than having a twenty-five mile wide cloud plonked down."
    Geoff, Northumberland

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