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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 December 2005, 05:39 GMT
A new Tennant for the Tardis
Billie Piper and David Tennant as the Doctor and Rose
David's the tenth Doctor Who
A crash landing on a grim South London housing estate promises to be one of the highlights of family TV programmes this Christmas Day.

It marks the arrival of the new Doctor Who - played by actor David Tennant.

His mission is, of course, to save the world from a plague of marauding aliens. This time, they're dressed as Santa Claus

So, if you're at all phobic about jolly white whiskers and big red outfits, it might be best to watch this one from behind the sofa.

  • The tenth Doctor Who, actor David Tennant, gave Breakfast his first live TV interview, since landing the role.
    David Tennant in the Breakfast studio
    Tennant: gave Breakfast his first TV interview

    "It's wonderful: daunting, exciting and a bit surreal," he told us.

    David, who's also starred in the BBC series Casanova and Blackpool, remembers watching Doctor Who as a child, in the days of Tom Baker.

    He also enjoyed Christopher Eccleston in the revival of Doctor Who earlier this year:

    "I watched the series and marvelled. I thought he was fantastic - a twenty first century Doctor."

    Unlike Eccleston - who gave up the role after one series, despite rave reviews - David Tennant is clear that he wants to stick with it.

    "I certainly intend to do a second series at the moment," he told Dermot and Sian.

    "Billie (Piper) is hanging around too."

  • The Christmas Invasion is on BBC One at 7pm 25 December 2005. Repeated BBC Three, 7pm 1 January 2006.

    Breakfast's live interview with David Tennant
    "It's wonderful, daunting and exciting - and a bit surreal"

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