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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 May 2005, 09:33 GMT 10:33 UK
April's Information
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    Friday 29 April

  • Sleep
    You can find out more about Surrey University's sleep research programme:

  • Beckham trail
    See the link below for details of the Beckham trail which takes you on a tour of the areas in east London where he was born and first played football.

  • James Dean collection
    The complete collection of James Dean films we featured on today's programme won't be in the shops until 6 June. They are being released by Warner Brothers.

    Thursday 28 April

    The Apprentice
    The final episode of The Apprentice can be seen on BBC Two on Wednesday 4 May at 2100, and there is a special follow up programme directly after: "You're hired".

    Organ transplant
    We spoke to Kaylee Davidson who was the youngest ever heart transplant baby - today she celebrates her 18th birthday.

    Declan's caption competition
    Today we launched another caption competition with a picture from Declan's travels.

    Question Time
    Tonight's Question time features Tony Blair, Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy in one programme, it's on BBC One at 2030.

    Wednesday 27 April

  • Saving the Albatross
    We're reporting on a new campaign, endorsed by Ellen Macarthur and Prince Charles, to save the Albatross. You can find out more from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

    Tuesday 26 April

  • Chemical cuisine
    We talked to the chef Heston Blumenthal who's working on a new book for children, which combines cooking and chemistry. This book isn't yet published, but he has written several other cookbooks, which are published by Penguin.

  • Novelist
    We talked to Diana Evans, who's being talked about as the new Zadie Smith. She took a creative writing course - and the reasult is a book: "26a", which was published in March. Publisher: Chatto and Windus ISBN: 0701177969

    Monday 25 April

  • Genghis Khan
    The Secret History Of The Mongols starts tonight on BBC TV.

  • The Sixties
    We talked to Dominic Sandbrook, the author of "Never Had It So Good" - a history of Britain from Suez to the Beatles. It's published on May 5 by Little Brown - list price 20.00

  • Hayfever

    Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 April

  • Iranian film: Zoe Neirizi
    We're talking to an exiled Iranian woman, Zoe Neirizi, who's made a film about her experiences as a political prisoner. It's being shown at the Raindance East Film Festival in London on Sunday April 24 at 2pm. You can also find out more from Zoe's website, Black Swan Films

    Friday 22 April

  • Jim Sweeney: multiple scleroris
    You can hear Jim Sweeney's play, My MS and Me on BBC Radio Four tonight at 9pm.

  • Weather location
    Helen Willetts broadcast today's weather from Helmingham Hall, near Stowmarket, Suffolk

  • DVT device
    We talked to the inventor of a new device which can help prevent patients getting Deep Vein Thrombosis. It's a small disc called an ortho-glide. It's manufactured by Medical Devices Technology International Ltd (MDTi): 0870 446 0340.

    Thursday 21 April

  • Sheila Hancock: The Two of us
    We talked to the actress Sheila Hancock about her book, chronicling her life with the actor John Thaw.

  • John Gordon Sinclar
    The star of Gregory's girl is going into a new role, as Leo Bloom in the stage version of Mel Brooks' The Producers. That's at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.

  • Kathy Staff
    Also known as Nora Batty, Kathy Staff was talking to us about a new DVD of the soap opera Crosroads. It's released by Network on April 25th 2005. List Price 24.99

    Wednesday 20th April

  • Ovarian Cancer
    We interviewed former supermodel Saffron Aldridge, whose mother died of Ovarian Cancer and who is now helping to raise awareness of the illness. She works with the charity Ovarian Cancer Action You can contact the OCA on 020 8238 7605. Their address is: Bush House, The Waterfront, Elstree Rd, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3BS.

  • Caption competition winners
    The winners of our second caption competition (Declan Curry in school uniform) are: Andrew Groves from Orpington, William Beech from Stoke on Trent and Sam Cook from Coventry. They have all been notified separately.

    Tuesday 19 April

  • Domestic violence
    The website aimed at chidren who have witnessed domestic violence is called The Hideout.

  • Twenty thousand streets under the sky
    We talked to actress Sally Hawkins and director Simon Curtis about the TV adaption of Patrick Hamilton's book, which starts tonight on BBC Four at 9pm. If you don't have Freeview, you'll be able to watch it on BBC Two later this year.

  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    The film version of Douglas Adams' book is on general release from April 29 (the premiere is tomorrow in London)

    Friday 15 April

  • Student essays on the internet
    You can hear more about the growing problem of plagiarism on Radio Four at 11am this morning. The programme is called: Brains for Sale - reporter Hugh Levinson.

  • Dr Johnson's dictionary
    We talked to author Henry Hitchings about his book: Dr Johnson's Dictionary: The Extraordinary Story of the Book That Defined the World. It's published by John Murray ISBN: 0719566312.

    Thursday 14 April

  • Food waste
    To find out more about how much food we waste in Britain each year, listen to Costing the Earth, tonight on Radio Four at 9pm. The composting bin we featured used a mixture called Bokashi, which you can apparently make for yourself

  • Author
    We talked to Frank McCourt, author of Tis and Angela's Ashes, about his new post as writer in residence at the Savoy hotel.

    Wednesday 13 April

  • Election caption competition
    We have chosen three winners for the first of our election caption competitions. They are: Barbara Edenborough, South Wales; Shaun Sparke, Prescot, Merseyside; Lucy McVay, Hertfordshire. We'll be sending their prizes to them shortly

  • Teenage Cancer
    We talked Dr Rosemary Leonard and Simon Davies about the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

  • David Blunkett: the musical
    David Sillito reported on David Blunkett: The Musical. It's on for one night only at The Soho Theatre, London - and is also due to be performed at the Edinburgh Festival this summer.

    Tuesday 12 April

  • Sir Elton John: part 2
    We had the second part of our interview with sir Elton John.

  • Manners
    Simon Fanshawe has written a book about manners called The Done Thing. It's published by Random House in June (no publishing details yet).

  • Kulvinder Ghir
    Was one of the stars of hit comedy 'Goodness Gracious Me', is now in 'The Far Pavilions, a new 4m stage musical based on the novel by MM Kaye. Opening at the Shaftesbury Theatre on Thursday 14 April.

    Monday 11 April

  • Sir Elton John
    Julia Botfield interviewed Sir Elton John in Las Vegas. He's written the score for the stage version of Billy Elliot.

    The Billy Elliot stage show opens on 13 May at the Victoria Palace theatre in London.
    And you can see part two of our interview with Sir Elton on Tuesday's Breakfast

  • Michael Morpurgo
    We spoke to the children's writer Michael Morpurgo who's new book is called The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips. The book is illustrated by Michael Foreman. Published by Collins, ISBN: 0007182457, 10.99

  • Training for door supervisors
    From today, you need to be trained to work as a bouncer, doorman or woman.

    Friday 8 April

  • The Pope's funeral
    Because of Pope John Paul's II's funeral, Breakfast finished at 0840 BST so we did not have any of our usual features, arts and entertainment items so there is not as much content for 'Today's Information'.

  • Royal Wedding
    Breakfast will be on air from 0600 BST on Saturday morning with a comprehensive preview of Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding later that day.

  • BBC Schedules
    we understand that tv listings magazines, some newspapers and even some areas of the BBC's website have had incorrect times for programmes because of last minute changes to the royal wedding and the start time of the Grand National. You can get exact information from the BBC's information line: 08700 100 222.

  • Rover MG
    If you have any concerns about being made redundant, see Radio 1's, One Life website which has a feature on the subject:

    There is also more information on the Breakfast website:

    Thursday 7 April

  • BBC coverage of the pope's funeral and the royal wedding
    We've had a number of e-mails and calls about the times of BBC coverage of the above, and the re-scheduled Grand National. The timings for these are still being finalised. The BBC Information Line may be able to help: 08700 100 222

  • Breakfast's election coverage
    You can find out more about Breakfast's election plans via the following links:

  • Small business programme
    We featured a new BBC One daytime series called Mind Your own Business, in which self-made millionaires help out struggling businesses. One of the programmes which features a florist's shop: Friday 8 Apr, BBC One, 1100am

  • Book on the rise of reality TV
    We talked to TV mogul Peter Bazalgette about his book: Billion Dollar Game. It's published by Time Warner books. ISBN: 0 316 73109 9

    Wednesday 6 April

  • Apollo astronauts
    We talked to Andrew Smith, who's written a book about what happened to the Apollo moonshot astronauts after their missions to the moon. His book is called Moon Dust: in search of the men who fell to earth. Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 0747563683

  • Children's adventure books
    We talked to the author Anthony Horowitz, about the latest Alex Rider novel - Ark Angel

    Tuesday 5 April

  • Kim Wilde: gardening book
    We talked to the pop-star turned TV presenter Kim Wilde about her book, Gardening with Children.

    Monday 4 April

  • Miles Davies exhibition
    Some of the paintings by jazz musician Miles Davies are up for sale. You can see them at the Cork Street Gallery, 28 Cork St, Mayfair, London W1: 0207 287 8408

  • Energy saving homes
    Find out more about energy saving at home, through The Energey Saving Trust, or read our full story

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