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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 December 2005, 05:57 GMT
Christopher's Tsunami journey
Christopher Eccleston in Banda Aceh
Eccleston: will take home unforgettable lessons in courage
It's just under a year since the Boxing Day Tsunami.

The huge wave, caused by an earthquake deep in the Indian Ocean, killed 200,000 people in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia.

Public response at the time was overwhelming - and aid began to flow in to the stricken areas.

But how is re-building going?

The actor Christopher Eccleston was invited by the British Red Cross to visit the Indonesian province of Banda Aceh.

He told us:

"Before the Tsunami I'd never thought about Indonesia and I didn't know the Acenese as a race existed.

"In the last two or three days here I've learned lessons about courage and optimism in the face of unimaginable grief that I shall never ever forget. "

  • Wednesday 14 December

    children in fancy dress
    Taking part in a talent show helps raise morale
    Yesterday, in the first of two exclusive reports for Breakfast, Christopher met some of those re-building their lives in Aceh.

    He eavesdropped on a radio Agony Aunt's phone-in. And he went to a school where 500 children lost their lives in the flood: now a popstars-style talent show is helping children regain their sense of fun.

  • Thursday 15 December

    Today, we saw Christopher's report from the Pula Islands, north of Banda Aceh. One in three of the population there were killed by the Tsunami.

    Christopher on his way to Pula Aech

    Christopher met one of the Island's key aid workers.

    She praised the Islanders' resilience and their determination to overcome the tragedy and rebuild their lives.

    Friday 16 December

    Christopher joined us live in the studio, to tell us what he'd learned in Indonesia.

    Christopher Eccleston 1
    The first part of Breakfast's exclusive reports from Indonesia

    Christopher Eccleston 2
    The Pula Islands

    Breakfast's interview with Christopher Eccleston
    Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams hear about his trip

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