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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 April 2005, 09:40 GMT 10:40 UK
March's information
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    March 31

  • Make Poverty History
    We talked to the man behind a new advertising campaign for the charity 'Make Poverty History'.

    'I never knew that about England'
    I a book of trivia about some of England's famous, and not so famous places. The book is published by Ebury Press, ISBN 009190207X, rrp: 9.99

    Antony Worrall Thompson
    Came on Breakfast to talk about the pre-diabetic condition, 'Syndrome X' and his new book: GI Diet, by Antony Worrall Thompson, with Dr Mabel Blades and Jane Suthering, published by Kyle Cathie Ltd, ISBN: 1856266117, rrp 12.99

    Doctor Who
    Christopher Ecclestone has confirmed that he won't be playing the Doctor in the next series.

    Wednesday 30 March

    Dragons' Den
    We featured an item about the new BBC series of Dragons' Den with Evan Davis and dragon Peter Jones. The programme is looking for entrepreneurs with good business ideas for the next series.

    Telephone: 09011 110 825 or e-mail:

    Tuesday 29 March

  • Landmines
    We talked to the developers of a new device for clearing landmines, called The Dragon.

  • Wilbur Smith
    The Triumph of the Sun is published by Macmillan. ISBN: 140500570X

  • Ben Fogle and Kate Humble
    If you want to see what happened to the Animal Park presenters in Namibia, you'll need to tune in to BBC Two at 6pm on April 4, for Animal Park - Wild in Africa.

    Easter weekend: 25 - 28 March

  • Bible stories
    We discussed a book called Revelations. It's a collection of personal interpretations of the bible from contributors as diverse as the musician Bono and the novelist Joanna Trollope. The book has an introduction from the Rt Rev Richard Holloway. Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd. ISBN: 1841955086

    Wednesday 23 March

  • Horses in Gambia The actor Anthony Head and his partner Sarah Fisher were on Breakfast talking about the plight of working horses in Africa. You can find out more information : The white rosettes are available throughout Britain from selected outlets such as saddlery shops and veterinary surgeons and from the website.

  • Terry O'Neill photographs
    There's an exhibition of Terry O'Neill's photographs of famous people at the Getty Images Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street London W1W 8DX. It's called Intimate and it opens tomorrow

    Tuesday 22 March

  • Postnatal depression book
    We talked to Elaine Hanzak about her first-hand account of postnatal illness. It's called Eyes without Sparkle and it's published by Radcliffe Medical Press ISBN: 185775655X RRP: 16.95

  • Alzheimers
    For more on Alzheimer's disease, see Breakfast's full story, with Jim Broadbent

  • Rockdust
    We reported on the Scottish farm where they're using Rock Dust as a fertiliser for organic crops. You can find out more from the Seer Centre (Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration)

  • Tinnitus
    For more on Tinnitus Awareness Day, go to the Action for Tinnitus Research website

  • Boris Becker
    For more about the scheme to get more youngsters involved in sport, you can ring: 0207 973 5959. It's organised by the washing powder manufacturer Ariel

    Monday 21 March

  • Bowel cancer
    You'll find much more information about bowel cancer, including symptoms and a helpline number, on our full write-up

  • Emotions book
    We talked to Claudia Hammond, the author of Emotional Rollercoaster. It's published by Fourth Estate, ISBN: 0007164661, rrp: 15.99

  • Tsunami ballet and concert
    Darcy Bussell and Nigel Bates told us about a charity concert in aid of Tsunami victims. It's called A Curtain Call for Aid and it's on Easter Sunday at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. To book, ring 020 7304 4000

    Friday 18 March

  • Monty Python musical
    We reported on a Broadway musical, based on the work of Monty Python. It's called Spamalot - and unfortunately it's currently running only in New York.

  • Bugs Bunny exhibition
    We talked to the daughter of the man who created Bugs Bunny and other cartoon favourites. There's an exhibition of the work of Chuck Jones at The Animation Art Gallery, 13 Great Castle Street, London W1, to April 3.

    Thursday 17 March

  • Natalie Imbruglia: women's health in Africa
    We're talking to the star Natalie Imbruglia about her work to publicise women's health problems in Africa. She's particularly concerned about the effects of difficult childbirth, which can make young girls incontinent for the rest of their lives. It's part of the United Nation's Population Fund's Fistula Fortnight campaign

    Wednesday 16 March

  • Children at War
    Julia Botfield reported on a new exhibition about children's lives during the Second World War. It's on at the Imperial War Museum in London

  • Ewan McGregor film
    We talked to the actor Ewan McGregor about his role in the new animated film Robots(certificate U). The film from the makers of Ice Age, will be on general release over the Easter holidays.

    Tuesday 15 March

  • Harlequin ladybird survey
    For the phone number, web links and address for the ladybird survey see Breakfast's story on this

  • Wooden floors
    We featured an item about wooden floors. Some leasehold properties are not allowed to have wooden floors.

  • Cheltenham Festival
    The four day national hunt race meet starts today

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    We featured a report by Tom Brook as U2 and the Pretenders are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • Clare Coulson
    Is fashion editor at the Daily Telegraph. She also writes for Harpers and Queen and Elle. She's the author of 'House Rules' - the stylish guide to running a home and having a life - a Mrs Beeton for the 21st Century. Published now by Bantam Press ISBN: 0593054547 rrp: 12.99

    Monday 14 March

  • Bill Wyman and metal detecting
    The Rolling Stone will be telling us about his surprising hobby - metal detecting. He's written a book about it: Bill Wyman's Treasure Islands Published by Sutton Publishing, ISBN: 0750939672, rrp: 25, written by Bill Wyman and Richard Havers

  • Matt Goss
    Famous as one half of the late 80s band, Bross, Matt Bross has now written his autobiography. It's called "More than you know: Matt Goss: The Autobiography" and it's published by Harper Collins, ISBN: 0007201451, 16.99

    Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March

  • Next of Kin card
    We talked to Lee Hemington-Smith, who decided to launch a next-of-kin card after a hospital took five hours to track him down when his mother was seriously ill. The card is free, but you will need to send a 1 coin to cover administration charges to: Simply send a stamped addressed envelope to:
    The Next of Kin Card,
    Abacus House
    Dudley Street
    LU2 0BR

    Friday 11 March

  • Commission for Africa

  • Comic Relief 2005
    Today is Red Nose Day 05

  • Supervolcano BBC One
    Lurking beneath Yellowstone National Park is a slumbering giant - but what if it blew and what devastation would it wreak? Supervolcano Sunday 13 and Monday 14 March, 2100 GMT

  • Casanova BBC Three
    We spoke to Russel T Davies, writer of BBC Three's Casanova and the new series of Doctor who. Casanova: from Sunday 13 March 2200 GMT, Thursday 17 March 2230 and Sunday 20 March 2200

    Thursday 10 March

  • Breast cancer
    Just before Christmas in 2002, British actor, Lynn Redgrave, discovered that the lump she'd found under her right arm, was cancerous. The year of treatment, and the mastectomy operation which followed, were recorded by Lynn's 21 year old photographer daughter, Annabel Clark: The Journal, Published by Umbrage, ISBN: 1884167438

    Wednesday 9 March

  • Whales and Dolphins
    We featured a story about the dramatic rise in the number of whales, dolphins and porpoises stranded on British beaches over the last ten years. While many of the animals are washed up already dead, others are found, still alive.

    Tuesday 8 March

  • Child trust funds
    We talked to Mel Giedroyc about the new 250 baby bond which is designed to help new parents open a savings account for their children.

  • Piers Morgan
    We're talking to the former editor of The Mirror and The News of the World about his book "The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade" Published by Ebury Press on 4th March, ISBN: 0091905060, rrp: 17.99

  • Single women
    We're discussing life as a single woman with Anne Widdecombe, to mark the re-issue of a classic book on the subject. "Live Alone and Like It: The Classic Guide for the Single Woman", by Marjorie Hills, is published by Virago Press, ISBN: 1844081257.

    Monday 7 March

  • Documentary-maker Nick Broomfield
    Nick Broomfield has a book and DVD collection of his work. They're both called Documenting Icons. The DVD is available from Metronome, rrp: 49.99. The Book: Documenting Icons, published by Faber and Faber, ISBN: 0571226248 rrp: 12.99

  • Kristin Gore
    We're talking to the daughter of the former Vice President of the USA. Kristin Gore's first novel is called Sammy's Hill - and it's being described as Bridget Jones goes to Washington. Published by: Random House, ISBN: 0091796547, rrp: 10.99

  • Friends of the Earth book on saving money
    We're talking to Nicola Baird, co-author of Save Cash and Save the Planet, published by Collins, ISBN: 000719420X rrp: 12.99

  • Sandie Shaw
    The Very Best of Sandie Shaw was released on CD on February 28.

    Friday 4 March

  • Test your financial IQ
    We featured an item in our business reports about a new website where you can test your financial acumen.

  • Sue's running mate
    With the London Marathon fast approaching, sue and Heather met Tim Rogers for some training advice.

  • Mother's day
    We featured a discussion on modern motherhood with authors Ann Pleshette-Murphy and Lionel Shiver. Both have written very different books on motherhood: they discuss the issues: Ann Pleshette Murphy, "The Seven Stages of Motherhood", published by Macmillan, ISBN 0333780604, rrp: 12.99. Lionel Shriver, "We Need to Talk about Kevin", published by Serpent's Tail, ISBN 1852428899, rrp 9.99

  • Eurovision
    Eurovision hopefuls Gina G and Javine talked about the "Making Your Mind Up" programme on BBC One, Saturday 5 March, 17:45 GMT.

  • Martin Cruz Smith
    Author of best selling Gorky Park publishes a new novel featuring his famous detective Arkady Renko. It's set in Chernobyl and he went there to research the book: "Wolves Eat Dogs": (March 4, 2005) Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 0333907507 rrp: 17.99

    Thursday 3 March

  • Identity Fraud
    You can find out more on how to protect yourself from the Home Office.

  • Re-branding Nottinghamshire
    Mike Sergeant was in Nottinghamshire today as the county is re-branded to make it more appealing to visitors.

  • Vanity Fair
    Publishes its best dressed list in today's magazine

  • Birds Eye View Women's Film Festival
    We discussed the UK's first ever all women film fesstival which runs from 8 to 13 March

  • World Book Day
    We spoke to Alexander McCall Smith about World Book Day

    Wednesday 2 March

  • Victorian census online
    Mike Sergeant reported from the Geoffreye Museum in London about a new website which allows you to trace your ancestors from the 1861 census. The website is run by a commercial company, called, confusingly, You will need to pay for searches and other services. At the moment, only data from London and the South East is available. We gave you the wrong link for this website earlier this morning - apologies for the confusion

  • Ovarian cancer
    We talked to our resident GP Dr Rosemary Leonard about cancer of the ovaries. The symptoms can be vague and are common to many other less serious conditions. So, if in doubt, talk to your GP. You can find out more from the charity WellBeing of Women (WOW) We also talked to one woman, Amanda Seyderhelm, who has Ovarian cancer. You can read more on her website

    Tuesday 1 March

  • School twinning scheme: World Class website
    We reported live from a school near Bristol on a new scheme which aims to "twin" British schools with others round the world. You can find out more on a special BBC website, called World Class

  • James Bond book for children
    We're talking to Charlie Higson from The Fast Show who's just written a book for children involving James Bond. Its' called SilverFin, published by Puffin, ISBN 9780141318592, rrp: 5.99

  • Hayley Westenra

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