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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 September 2005, 12:44 GMT 13:44 UK
August's Information
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    Wednesday 31 August

  • The Territorial Army
    Catch up with Breakfast's week of films on the TA soldiers in Iraq by following this link You can find out more about joining the TA below

  • Venice Film Festival
    We had a report from Emma Jones on the Venice Film Festival which runs from 31 August to 10 September.

    Breast Cancer
    Our resident GP, Dr Rosemary Leonard was in the studio talking about breast cancer, and the increasing number of women asking for screening following Kylie Minogue's diagnosis.

    Tuesday 30 August

  • Children of Beslan
    You can see the Children of Beslan on BBC Two tonight at 2100 BST

  • The Territorial Army
    You can find out more about joining the TA below

  • Nigel Planer
    The comedian, actor, writer and playwright Nigel Planer's play previews tonight in the West End: "On The Ceiling" (The Garrick Theatre) is a comedy about the painting of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

    Friday 26 August

  • Messiah: The Harrowing
    Hugo Speer and Helen McCrory star as a husband and wife with Ken Stott in the new series of the BBC One police drama Messiah IV. Begins Sunday 28 August, 2130 BST on BBC One (it's a three part series).

    Thursday 25 August

  • Antony Jay
    The author and creator of Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister has written a book called "Not in Our Back Yard" which is about how to resist changes in their neighbourhood. It's published by White Ladder Press and out on 3rd October.

    Wednesday 24 August

  • Breakfast website
    Apologies for the delay in updating the Breakfast website this morning. This was due to technical problems, but we will be updating the main stories, today's information and your comments sections as soon as we can.

  • Manners from Heaven
    We spoke to butler Sean Daveron about training children to use better manners. He has also written a book called Manners from Heaven, which is published by Orion.

    Tuesday 23 August

  • John Irving
    American author, John Irving's new book is "Until I find You", published by Bloomsbury and on sale now.

  • Cider
    You can find out more about cider making by contacting the National Association of Cider Makers.

  • Volunteers
    If you think you would like to be a volunteer for the 2012 London Olympics, then you can register with Time Bank online.

  • Voices
    We spoke to Gareth Hardwick from the Queen's English Society about dialect.

    Monday 22 August

  • Voices
    You can hear a variety of regional accents and local expressions by going to the following website.

  • Organ Donation
    If you are interested in becoming an organ donor you can ring the NHS Organ Donor Register on 0845 6060400.

    Or you can visit the UK Transplant website.

    Friday 19 August

  • Please note, that we had to postpone Curry for Breakfast today due to technical problems, and we didn't have time for some of today's items because of the breaking news that Mo Mowlam had died.

  • Degree Courses
    For information from UCAS about degree courses that still have availability, please see our entry for Thursday 18 August

  • Lesley Garrett
    Is about to appear in docu-drama "Strauss: The Waltz King". The programme goes out this Saturday, on BBC One, at 1835 BST

    Thursday 18 August

  • A-levels
    Helpline Number:0808 100 8000

  • Alston men looking for love
    A group of lonely young men looking for girlfriends have set-up the Alston Moor Regeneration Society in the hope of attracting young women to move to the picturesque village in the Pennines.

  • No Waste Like Home
    New series featuring eco-expert Penney Poyzer and one of the country's most environmentally-unfriendly families, Peter and Krystle Lambert. BBC Two, Thursday, 2030 BST

  • Ashley Jensen
    Rising comedy actress who is currently acting alongside Ricky Gervais in "Extras", BBC Two, 2100 BST, Thursday.

  • Don't Lose the Music
    Is the campaign by the Royal National Institute for the Deaf to encourage people to take care when listening to music through headphones.

    Wednesday 17 August

  • Silent phone calls
    We're reporting on a change in the rules, which may end the misery of silent phone calls. There are details on how to prevent such calls Breakfast's full story Please make sure that you follow the link to the TPS from this story, as there are bogus TPS websites which charge customers (the TPS is free).

  • Volunteering
    The charity Community Service Volunteers have launched a new campaign to get people to undertake voluntary work. It's called The Great British Time Survey. You can find out more from their website or ring Freephone 0800 284533

  • Wayne Sleep
    We talked to the dancer Wayne Sleep about his new musical. It's called Into Thin Air and it starts on August 29 at the Players Theatre in London.

    Tuesday 16 August

  • Credit cards abroad
    The two credit cards mentioned in our report which don't charge for foreign currency conversion are the Nationwide Visa card and the Lombard Direct credit card.

    Monday 15 August

  • Michael Cunningham
    We talked to the author of the novel The Hours, which was turned into a hit film. Michael Cunningham's latest book is called Specimen Days and it's about the American poet Walt Whitman.

    Friday 12 August

  • What Do You See?
    A charity project for Help the Aged and Macmillan nurses. What do you see when you look at an old person - the disintegrating body and mind or the life lived inside? A moving poem has been transformed into a short film starring Viriginia McKenna and her 14 yr old grand-daughter. Virginia and Lily joined us on the programme. Any viewers interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD should email: or go to Amanda Waring's website

    Thursday 11 August

  • Travelling via the Internet
    We spoke to Harry Pearson, author of the travel guide, "Around the World By Mouse" about travelling in cyber space instead of real life. The book is published by Little Brown.

    Wednesday 10 August

  • Jazz singer
    We talked to Canadian jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux about her album Careless Love.

  • Health advice for travellers
    The Department of Health has a special website which can tell you which jabs you need when you're going abroad

    Tuesday 9 August

  • Pedalling to Hawaii
    We talked to Stevie Smith, who's written a book about crossing the Atlantic in a glorified Pedalo boat. Pedalling to Hawaii" is published by Summersdale. ISBN: 1840244461

  • Child actor
    We talked to teenager Nicholas Hoult, who previously starred in About a Boy with Hugh Grant, about his latest film. It's called 'Wah Wah' and it's directed by the actor Richard E Grant.

  • Exam results
    It's results day for those who've taken Highers in Scotland. If you need help to work out what to do next, there's a helpline run jointly by Radio One and the DFES. Just ring: 0808 100 8000

    Monday 8 August

  • Soul singer
    We're talking to the soul singer Nate James about his first album which is released today. It's called Set the Tone. Nate's single, which is currently at the top of the charts, is called Universal.

    Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August

  • Click Online
    For details of stories featured in Click Online - our special computer and internet round-up - please go to their website

    Friday 5 August

  • Edinburgh Festival
    The festival gets underway this Sunday with the Edinburgh Fringe.

  • Richard Wilson
    We spoke to Richard Wilson about the 100th anniversary of acting school Rada.

  • Breakfast commemorates VJ day anniversary
    In the run up to the 60th anniversary of VJ day, which brought WWII, to an end, Breakfast will be running a series of special films from Monday 8 August.

  • Lisa Jewell
    We spoke to the author about her new book: "Vince & Joy", published by Penguin, ISBN: 0141012188.

    Thursday 4 August

  • Rape
    We are looking at the problem of low conviction rates in rape cases. We'll bring you a full story as soon as we can, but for the moment, if you need to discuss anything which has happened to you, you can contact Rape Crisis:

  • Bridget Jones
    The diary of Bridget Jones re-starts today, in The Independent newspaper

    Wednesday 3 August

  • Large shoes
    We talked to the teenager who has set up his own business selling big shoes, because of the problems he had tracking down size 15 trainers. The firm is called Bigger Feet

  • My Fathers' Daughter
    We talked to the journalist Hannah Poole, about her experience of returning to Eritrea to meet the family she didn't know existed. She's written a book called My Fathers' Daughter. Publisher: Hamish Hamilton ISBN: 0241142601

  • How to start your own country
    We are talking to Danny Wallace, about his new six part comedy series which starts tonight at 10pm on BBC Two.

  • The McGann brothers
    We're talking to the actors Stephen Joe and Mark McGann about their new play Tom Dick and Harry, which you can see at the Duke of York's theatre, St Martin's Lane, WC2, from August 23rd.

    Tuesday August 2

  • Niger appeal
    The Disasters Emergency Appeal is launching an appeal for the victims of famine in the West African state of Niger. If you'd like to donate, there are several ways:
  • Phone: 0870 60 60 900 (lines are open 24 hours a day)
  • Post: PO Box 999, London EC3A 3AA (make your donation payable to DEC - Niger Crisis Appeal)
  • Online through the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) website

  • Crime novelist
    We're talking to Jeffrey Deaver about his new book: The Twelfth Card, published by Hodder and Stoughton, ISBN: 0340734566. It features the return of quadriplegic forensic detective, Lincoln Rhyme and his sidekick Amelia Sachs.

  • Red Letter Days
    Our business presenter Declan Curry has prepared some advice on what to do, if you booked a package with the company Red Letter Days, which has just gone into administration.

    Monday August 1

  • Red Letter Days
    Our business presenter Declan Curry is looking into complaints about the business Red Letter Days, which sells "day out" packages as gifts. We'll talk to Trading Standards about your rights in such situations tomorrow - but for the moment, our advice is that your contract is with Red Letter Days rather than the individual venues.

  • Fanfiction
    We're looking at the growing online trend for fans to carry on their favourite novels where the authors left off. We're talking to Sheenagh Pugh, who's written a book on the subject called The Democratic Genre. This story from BBC News Online's Magazine contains links to several fanfic sites

  • Mel C
    We mentioned that Mel C's new single is available as a download only at the moment. There's a link to her official website on our full story

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