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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005, 05:28 GMT 06:28 UK
North vs South
Gateshead Millenium Bridge
Hundreds of you e-mailed us
Why do Northerners and Southerners find it so difficult to get on? Can it really be "grim up north" - and is everybody living south of Watford truly a soft Southern jessie?

Before you reach for the e-mail to fire off a complaint about stereotyping - those are the questions which a new series BBC Two series will be looking at, beginning this Friday.

From the makers of the the hilarious Grumpy Old Men, the series looks at what Northerners hate about the South - and vice versa.

What you told Breakfast
It isn't so much a "North-South" divide, its just London vs. the rest of the country
Mark Davies, Northampton

The series features contributions from celebrities like Alan Titchmarsh and Michael Winner - whose views managed to enrage hundreds of you into e-mailing us.

  • To debate the North South divide, we lined up journalist Sue Caroll, who still describes herself as a Geordie after many years in London - and an archetypal Southerner, the architect Maxwell Hutchinson.

  • It's Grim up North begins tomorrow (Friday) on BBC Two at 10pm

    The North South divide
    Sue Caroll and Maxwell Hutchinson, live on BBC Breakfast

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