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Last Updated: Friday, 21 January, 2005, 11:30 GMT
Sue's training diary: Part One
Breakfast's Sue Thearle
Run a marathon? Out of the question, was Sue's first reaction
She's never run a marathon before - and she's got a young baby.

So why on earth has Breakfast's Sue Thearle decided to run the London Marathon? Read her training diary to find out:

I'd always watched the London marathon with a mixture of intrigue and fear.

It is an annual ritual, a battle with my conscience - half of me besotted with the thought of running in the race - the other half very happy to cheer heartily from the comfort of my sofa, convinced the challenge of 26.2 miles wasn't for me.

I've always been keen on keeping fit. But running anything more than two miles, two or three times a week was beyond me.

That feeling was intensified when I had my first child at the end of 2003. How could I ever combine the rigours of marathon training with the enormous demands of being a working mum? It seemed like I had the perfect excuse.

So last autumn, when I was first asked to run in this year's race, I refused. Absolutely out of the question I replied. I can't do the training because I haven't got time and even if I did, how could I ever go from a two mile jogger to a marathon runner? Well with a little application and lots of determination you can.

A change of heart

After a couple of weeks of deliberation, and plenty of persuasion, I agreed to do it. It was a big decision simply because the commitment is so huge. But I agreed to do it for lots of reasons.

The prospect of raising money for my charity - Help the Hospices - is a massive factor. Appreciating your own health and helping those who aren't as lucky as you, is something I feel very strongly committed to.

Being a part of such a special day is another attraction. Having seen at first hand the way the crowds support the runners and the way everyone gets caught up in the emotion of it all, is something I am really looking forward to.

Even in training, the sense of achievement is enormously satisfying. Watching my runs get longer and longer is a source of great pleasure and makes the aches and pains seem more bearable.

My husband has been fantastic - looking after our daughter while I go out running and he more than anyone has been key in reminding me of the health benefits of being marathon fit.

Friends and family too have rallied round - taking care of Holly so that my husband can accompany me on some of my longer runs. It really is a team effort and I must confess I am a convert.

Running has now become a pleasure rather than a chore and I can't wait to reach the start line. I don't want to run a fast time. I merely want to finish. To be able to say I ran a marathon and raised lots of money for charity will bring me great satisfaction for many years to come.

  • Scores of you e-mailed to enquire about becoming Sue's training partner. We shall be getting in touch with some of the most promising candidates shortly

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    Sue Thearle
    08 Feb 02 |  Presenters

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