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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January 2005, 09:24 GMT
December's Information
This page contains handy reference material for items featured on Breakfast in December 2004.

You will find items listed in date order (with the most recent at the top).

If you can't find what you want here, try our phone line: 08707 87 87 87. It's open from 7am to midnight every day. Calls are charged at the normal national rate.

Friday 31 December

  • Indian Ocean Tsunami
    We've created a special page on the Breakfast website with links to all the aid agencies involved in the relief effort, plus contact numbers for the Foreign Office, for missing persons and travel information, and we've listed the ways you can donate money to Disasters Emergency Committee.

    Thursday 30 December

  • Indian Ocean Tsunami
    We've created a special page on the Breakfast website with links to all the aid agencies involved in the relief effort, plus contact numbers for the Foreign Office, for missing persons and travel information, and we've listed the ways you can donate money to Disasters Emergency Committee.

  • International Buddhist Relief Organisation
    Barnie Choudhury was at the International Buddhist Relief Organisation and their telephone number is 0121 382 7108 to make donations which will be used to help people in Sri Lanka

  • Appeal
    Bryson and Margaret Garlick still do not know what has happened to their daughter, Deborah Evans or her boyfriend who were together on holiday in Phuket.

    They have not been heard from since Christmas day and were staying at the Khao Lak resort in Thailand. If you have any information please contact the Foreign Office helpline on 020 7008 0000

    Wednesday 29 December

  • Indian Ocean Tsunami
    The Disasters Emergency Committee is today launching its appeal for anyone who wants to donate money. It has 600 phone lines. The number is 0870 60-60-900.

    If you want information on missing relatives or friends, the number to call is 020 7008 0000

    If you need information on relatives in Sri Lanka, call 020 7262 1841

    And tonight there's a BBC News special programme on the tsunami disaster: "The Great Wave" is on BBC One at 19.30pm.

    December 26, 27, 28,

  • Indian Ocean earthquake
    Breakfast will bring you full coverage of the massive earthquake in the Indian ocean. If you are worried about relatives or close friends who may have been injured, the Foreign Office have a phoneline: 0207 008 0000. This number gets very busy, so please only ring if you have serious concerns.

  • Christmas Day

  • Win a telescope: Stardate competition
    The Stardate competition to win a telescope is run by the Open University.
    or send your entries to:
    BBC Stardate Competition, The Open University, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BH

    Friday 24 December

  • Taxi board game
    The new board game we reported on which has topped the best-seller list this Christmas is called Destination. There are two editions - one for London and one for the inventor's home city, Portsmouth.

  • Twelve days of Christmas book
    Twelve Days of Christmas by Shelley Silas and Stella Duff. Published November 4, 2004 by Virago Press. ISBN: 1844081613 rrp: 10

  • Cooking fat
    Breakfast's Max Foster reports on a plea by Thames Water for customers not to pour cooking fat down the drain. They say it's best to throw the fat away - or add some nuts and leave it out for the birds.

    Thursday 23 December

  • Kidney Transplants
    Today marks the 50th anniversary of the world's first kidney transplant. In the UK 45,000 people have seen their life changed by the operation.

    Or you can call 0845 60 60 400

  • Christmas Travel
    Sophie Hutchinson was in the Highways Agency control room in Birmingham.

  • Tribe: BBC Two
    We spoke to Bruce Parry who spent a month living with six of the remotest tribes in the world where he experiences dinner with a cannibal. He's got a new series starting on Monday 3 January called Tribe. It goes out at 2100 on BBC TWO.

    Wednesday 22 December

  • Bam
    Julia Botfield travelled to Iran with Action For Orphans

  • Christmas trials: folding paper napkins
    Mike Keen showed us how to make elves boots out of paper napkins.

  • Pride
    Simon Nye has written Pride, a family film about a real pride of lions filmed in Africa + computer animation. Voiced by Kate Winslet, Sean Bean, Helen Mirren, Rupert Graves, John Hurt, Martin Freeman, Robbie Coltrane, Jim Broadbent and Kwame Kwei-Armah. BBC One, December 27th at 18.35

  • Dancing
    Strictly Come Dancing has a Christmas special tonight. BBC ONE 8pm-9pm

    Tuesday 21 December

  • Jimmy Carr
    Jimmy Carr, Live available on DVD, 14.99

  • Monday 20 December

  • Travis: Fran Healey in Sudan
    Travis member Fran Healey mentioned The Rough Guide to a Better World. This leaflet is available in post offices free of charge.

  • Friday 17 December

  • Supermarkets
    Joanna Blythman has a new book out: "Shopped, the Shocking Power of British Supermarkets" (May 4, 2004) Publisher: Fourth Estate ISBN: 0007158033

  • Paul Heaton
    The Beautiful South (and Housemartins) has a new single out 'This Old Skin'.

    Thursday 16 December

  • Courts
    We talked about how you get your money back if you've ordered furniture from the furniture store Courts which has gone out of business.

  • Christmas Round Robins
    Simon Hoggart's book is called "The Cat That Could Open The Fridge", is published by Atlantic Books, ISBN number 1843543575, RRP is 9.99. It's about those 'informative' letters sometimes included with your Christmas cards from friends and relatives.

  • Link between infections and heart attacks
    There are several websites accompanying our story about how three relatively common infections could trigger a heart attack or stroke.

    Wednesday 15 December

  • Queen Victoria letter
    Bendor Grosvenor's full article can be seen in the January issue of History Today magazine, which is out on Friday 17th December.

    Tuesday 14 December

  • Mary Poppins
    The stage version of Mary Poppins opens tomorrow night at the Prince Edward Theatre, London. It is not suitable for children under seven, according to its producers.

  • Book of sayings
    Red Herrings and White Elephants by Albert Jack is published by Metro, ISBN 1843581299, rrp 9.99

  • Roger Moore
    We'll be talking to the former Bond star about his new film for UNICEF - The Fly Who Loved Me.

    Monday 13 December

  • David Blunkett
    Stephen Pollard's biography of David Blunkett will be published later this week.

    Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December

  • Christmas Charity gifts
    Our special It's Your Money section featured unusual charity gifts at Christmas. The organisation we talked to is called Plan UK.

  • ClickOnline

    Our special fifteen minute segment on science, technology and gadgets has its own website

  • NewsWatch

    This special fifteen minute segment deals with your views on how the BBC handles the news each week. NewsWatch has its own website, with full details of how to contact the programme and make your voice heard.

    Friday 10 December

  • Christmas Post
    The Royal Mail has prepared a complete list of last posting dates for worldwide destinations. It includes letters and packages.

  • Nuclear waste
    Our main story today was the problem of disposing of nuclear waste in the UK

  • European Film Awards

  • Belinda Carlisle
    We interviewed the singer Belinda Carlisle who is taking part in a tour with Kim Wilde and Midge Ure.

  • Bird Watching
    Simon Barnes's book "How to Be A Bad Birdwatcher" looks at his passion for the pastime. Available now, published by: Short Books, London, ISBN: 190409595X price 9.99

    Thursday 9 December

  • Roald Dahl's photographs
    Some of the author's photographs are being auctioned by Christie's on Monday 13 December. We talked to Roald Dah's widow, Liccy.

  • Ronnie Corbett
    The DVD of Ronnie's live stage show is released by Universal

    Wednesday 8 December

  • Family Contract
    BBC Series which gets families to agree a contract for living together peacefully. is on BBC One tonight at 8pm.

  • Hepatitis C

  • Painter
    We had a report on Britain's oldest working painter, whose work has been compared to Lowry's. Her name is Frances Lennon.

    Tuesday 7 December

  • Baghdad book
    A Hundred and One Days: A Baghdad Journal by Asne Seierstad. Publisher: Virago Press. ISBN 1844081400

    Monday 6 December

  • Help with heating bills
    Our business team is examining what help is available to the elderly and low-income households for better heating and loft insulation. They have talked to an elderly lady who had her central heating installed - for free.
    You can find out more from:
  • Energywatch (formerly the Gas Consumers Council) : 08459 060708
  • Warm Front Team: 0800 952 0600.
  • You can also ring whichever company supplies your gas and electricity: just look on the bill for the phone number.

  • Guns and drugs: soap opera for children
    The video we featured is called Watch Over Me Two. It has been put together by the charity Miss, which runs a website aimed at children and teenagers. Seven thousand copies of the video will be sent out to schools across the country.

  • Living together
    You can find out much more about the legal complexities of living together and download a pre-nuptual agreement form on our full story.

  • Darfur Concert
    Jocelyn Brown, Mick Hucknall, David Gray and Chrissy Hynde are among those who'll be performing at the concert we featured in aid of refugees from Sudan. It's at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Wednesday night (December 8). For tickets, ring: 0207 589 8212
    To donate to the UN refugee agency's appeal for Sudan, you can ring: 0800 877 8677 on the night

  • Patriotism book
    George Courtauld's book is called The Pocket Book of Patriotism. ISBN: 0954894804

    Friday 3 December

  • Family History

  • Cancer Art

    At the Royal College of Art today, an exhibition opens called Oncology on Canvass: Expressions of a Woman's Cancer Journey

    The exhibition features the winning works in an international art competition presented by Lilly Oncology, to honour women's cancer journeys.

    Royal College of Art
    Kensington Gore
    SW7 2EU

  • Troy Garity

    Actor and son of Jane Fonda, Troy Garity talked to us on his new film "Milwaukee, Minnesota"

    Thursday 2 December

  • Guardian first book award We're talking to the author of a popular science book, which has just won a Guardian first book award. Armand Marie Leroi's book, Mutant was published in May 4, 2004 by HarperCollins ISBN: 0002571137 RRP: 20

  • School league tables

    BBC News Online has compiled the latest primary school league tables so that your local schools can be ranked by raw results - and by how well they've taught their particular intake (so-called "value added")

  • Smoking: DNA test

    The DNA test which claims to help people give up smoking is called Nicotest - but, beware, it costs nearly 100. At the moment, it's only available online, but please remember that the BBC is not responsible for any external websites - and we can't give you any advice on whether this product works or not.

    If you want to give up smoking, the NHS offers support including smoking cessation clinics across the country. You can find out more by talking to your GP.

  • Mario Testino and Kenneth Cole

    The book of photographs of women with HIV and Aids is called Women to Women: Positively Speaking. At the moment, it's only available through the Fashion Fights Aids website

    Wednesday 1 December

  • Great British Music Debate

    Radio 2 considers the future of the music industry in a special programme tonight from 1900 to 2100 GMT.

  • Alzheimer's Disease

    We featured an item on Alzheimer's which looked at how Iris Murdoch's last novel may have held clues to early symptoms of the disease.

  • Christmas Spending

    We looked at Christmas spending today with financial expert Martin Lewis from the website

    If you have complaints about shopping online your first port of call should be Trading Standards

    You can also get factsheets about your consumer rights from the Office of Fair Trading

  • The Money Programme

    Tonight on BBC Two, at 1930 GMT, the Money Programme looks at the long term damage you could be doing to your health if you go to work when you're unwell.

  • Vera Drake

    Was the film featured in David Sillito's report today, it swept the board at this year's British Independent Film Awards.

  • Mixed Messages

    We featured a story about the growing number of bosses who are failing to use simple clear language.

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