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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 April 2003, 13:05 GMT 14:05 UK
Yvonne Ndege
Yvonne Ndege
Journalism runs in the family
Yvonne joined the Breakfast reporting team in March 2003.

Her first job at the BBC was at the age of 14 as a work-experience student in the Africa department of the BBC World Service. She read audiences letters to 32 million listeners around the globe.

"I knew from then on that being a journalist was what I wanted to do in life", she says.

"My father was a newspaper journalist who worked for a pan-Africanist magazine in London, so there was always a great deal of debate and discussion about current affairs and the state of the world in our home".

"But I didn't start out as a reporter. I began behind the scenes as a television producer."

During her time at the BBC, Yvonne has worked on two flagship programmes: BBC One's Panorama where she worked as a researcher and BBC Two's Newsnight where she worked as a producer.

"Having studied ocial sciences at London School of Economics, I was prepared, keen and well versed to meet what I felt would be the demands of both programmes. At university I specialised in studying the work of international institutions and resolving problems in conflict zones".

"I learned alot about journalism in a very short space of time. In particular, the importance of good storytelling technique, investigative journalism and directing - making pictures look good too

"It was a very good grounding."

Yvonne made the move to reporting after being talent-spotted by BBC management.

"I have to say, there's no better preparation for reporting than being a producer, at least that's my view. It's so much easier when you've seen the BBC cream at work. My reporting heroes are the BBC's Matt Frei and Martha Kearney and Rageh Omar. " When Yvonne is not working she'll be travelling and writing. She also enjoys sports.

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