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Breakfast Wednesday, 25 September, 2002, 13:05 GMT 14:05 UK
Do we still discriminate against disability?
For some, it's the new racism; for others, any hint of campaigning for rights for people with disabilities is political correctness gone mad.

  • In our interactive forum today (Friday) we talked to Ewan Marshall and Gary Skyner. Ewan is a BBC producer who has worked on a number of the BBC's programmes in its current season on disability, called What's Your Problem? Gary is a stand-up comedian, who also has a disability.

    The forum has now finished.

    Throughout this week, Breakfast has been speaking to people who've played a role in the What's Your Problem season.

  • On Wednesday we spoke to Emma Cunniffe, who stars in "Flesh and Blood" and Julian Farino, who directed it. We also spoke to Lisa Hammond, who stars in "North Face", one of three short dramas which also make up the disability season.

  • We want to know your views on whether "disability is the new racism". If you are disabled what are your experiences? Do you think that as a whole this country is long on political correctness, but short on practical help? E-mail us now

    WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? week one

    Flesh and Blood Wednesday 25 September, BBC TWO, 9.00pm Drama. Adopted as a baby, Joe (Christopher Eccleston) is forced to rethink his world when he traces his parents and finds they have learning difficulties. Find out more about Flesh and Blood on the BBC Drama website.

    One in Seven Wednesday 25 September, BBC TWO, 11.20pm Documentary. Four disabled people, four personalities. One CP geezer, one VI artsy dreamer, one mother with epilepsy and one Deaf social animal.

    The Man Who Learned to See Thursday 26 September, BBC TWO, 9.00pm Documentary. Mike May regains his sight after 40 years of being blind, but switching on his eyes doesn't switch on his visual understanding of the world - not just another "miracle cure" documentary. And you can talk to Mike May online in a BBCi Live Chat straight after the programme.

    North Face Thursday 26 September, BBC TWO, 9.50pm Drama short. The neighbour of a young disabled woman is forced to face his feelings over a recent romantic entanglement with her when a recent romantic entanglement with her when locked out of his flat. Stars Ralf Little and Lisa Hammond

    WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? week two

    Thalidomide - Life at 40 Wednesday 2 October, 9.00pm Documentary. Kevin, Janette and Gary are 3 of 8,000 who fell foul of the drug that spawned a generation of people with a man-made disability in the '60s. The world wrote them off, but 40 years on we look at how they're living.

    The Egg Wednesday 2 October, 9.50pm Drama short. The perfect egg served in a greasy transport caff to a disabled man at 4.00am has life-altering repercussions for all present. Stars Jamie Beddard, Tim Healy and Frances de la Tour.

    Free Wheelers Wednesday 2 October, 11.20pm Documentary. Gotta move on ... Krystie (12), George (21) and Lucy (21) have to face up to disability and plan their new lives.

    Urban Myth Thursday 3 October, 9.50pm Drama short. Mat Fraser and Saffron Burrows star as two could-have-been-lovers who bump into each other again after 16 years, as a story of missed opportunity, personal anxiety and lust unfolds.

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