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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 January, 2004, 16:48 GMT
"I want it now"
Jason and Wendy with their daughter
Jason and Wendy are a typical "I want it now" couple

Jason and Wendy Waller have been married for five years, and have a five-year-old daughter.

Having treated borrowed money as their own, can they learn to spend within their means?

Jason and Wendy have been living beyond their means for some time, and they deny themselves nothing, as Jason explained:

"If we go out shopping and we see something we like, and we want it, we will get it, there and then, on the spot."

They first realised they had serious financial problems when they became very overdrawn a couple of years ago.

Having the credit cards, we have the excuse to be able to buy it then, rather than have to save
Wendy Waller

But instead of getting to grips with the problem when the overdraft ran out, they simply moved on to loans and credit cards.

The situation just got worse, as Wendy explained:

"Having the credit cards, we have the excuse to be able to buy it then, rather than have to save."

Wendy's weakness is buying things for her daughter Leah. Jason however admits he is a shopping addict. He told the BBC:

"Nine times out of 10, when I go into a shop, I only intentionally go in to look. But as soon as I get in it, that is it. I have to buy."

And the evidence is everywhere at their home, whether it be a keyboard, gym equipment, or even Star Wars figures.

As a result of this attitude to money, the family now has a debt of about 40,000 spread across 13 credit cards, store cards and loans.

What did our financial expert have to say?


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