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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 19 March, 2003, 12:56 GMT
Arab press alarmed by US deadline
Most Arabic papers react angrily to President Bush's 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein, while some also view the prospects for the region after any war.

George Bush Jr will not be able to deceive the Arabs and the world. He is the most hideous symbol of imperialist aggression. He is the one selected by Zionism to implement its big conspiracies... Bush has tried to deceive the Arabs, to contain their anger by bribes and lies... It is a conspiracy against the Arabs and the world that says: This is mad cowboy disease, which is worse than mad cow disease.

Al-Thawrah - Iraq

We are faced with a savage aggression targeting our values, honour, land and sovereignty... What is laughable is that Mr Annan is seeing and listening to the American administration's ridiculous and contemptible stances and their open declaration that their aim is to occupy Iraq, nothing else.

Babil - Iraq

The US' move to launch its aggression against Iraq is burying all the nominal values of international conventions and its resort to war without international cover is... making the UN valueless.

Al-Bayan - United Arab Emirates

We know the people of Iraq will not agree to exchange Saddam's dictatorship for foreign occupation, even after Iraq is defeated and falls into the hands of the US.

Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Saddam will remain far and safe from the gunfire, while missiles and the mother of all missiles will fall on the innocent people of Iraq.

Al-Jazirah - Saudi Arabia

All those who heard President Bush's address must have been surprised by his claim that his bombs, missiles, and planes would not hit the Iraqi people and would single out the regime's leaders and collaborating army units.

Al-Akhbar - Egypt

We [the people of Kuwait] don't fear this war and we don't fear dealing with the US or the West, but we fear the persistent backwardness and injustice which is being imposed on the people of the region by their governments.

Al-Watan -Kuwait

The Iraqi people who have been suffering 12 years of sanctions will pay a high price for the forthcoming war which will come to finish those remaining.

Al-Shams - Libya

Whether we agree or disagree with the US administration on this objective, we agree with its perception of President Saddam Hussein's manoeuvres. He seems to have a lot of manoeuvres up his sleeve, and his preoccupation with them makes him unable to comprehend the danger knocking at the gates of Iraq and the region.

Al-Ahram - Egypt

Mr Bush is right, the Iraqi president is an evil person... One missile would be enough to get rid of him if the US president knows the whereabouts of Saddam.

Al-Quds - Palestinian

The Arabs who are at the centre of the storm, and the danger which is knocking at their doors, should awaken from their deep sleep and face the danger which threatens their existence.

Al-Thawrah - Syria

Bush and Blair wanted to use the UN to give legal cover to an unjustifiable, illegal and unethical war... In spite of the dangerous developments, the majority of Arab rulers have remained silent while some of them continued their submission to the US providing it with facilities to carry out the aggression.

Al-Arab al-Alamiyah - London

The US is serious about coming out of this war with a new international system based on US values and interests... There is no doubt that the present US ambitions do not differ greatly from the German ambitions which led to the collapse of the League of Nations.

Al-Hayah - London

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