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Victims of abuse react to report

Marie Collins, 62, was abused by a priest in the Dublin diocese when she was 12-years-old.

This is the end of a very long road for victims of abuse, particularly for those of us who spoke out for so many years and were vilified by the Church.

This report has vindicated us and shown that everything we said about a cover up and that abusers were moved from parish to parish, and allowed to abuse further after they were known to be abusers.

This report has confirmed everything that we said.

The institution came before the welfare of the children of this country, and all their denials are now proved to be false.

I hope for the future safety of children, this report will bring change.

The Church should have nothing to do with policing themselves. They have shown they cannot be trusted, or respected.

Andrew Madden was 11-years-old was he was abused by a priest.

It is almost 14 years since I moved information into the public domain to the effect that the Catholic Church in Dublin had a practice of moving priests with a history of child sex abuse into other parishes in the diocese. A practice which clearly put other children at great risk.

It is over 10 years since I wrote to then Taoiseach Ahern requesting an inquiry into this practice, and only now is the state ready to publish a report detailing how such allegations were handled.

This inability to respond efficiently does not say much for the state's attitude to the protection, welfare and rights of children.

Those who turn a blind eye to these offences are as much a part of the problem as those who actually commit them

No matter how much I may have already known or anticipated I was nonetheless shocked by the content of the report.

It details consistent practices by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin to cover up child sexual abuse and cause children to be sexually abused by priests who should never have been allowed to continue in ministry.

Anyone who believes that what has been revealed in Dublin has not happened elsewhere in the country is not living in reality.

As a society we need to respond to the publication of this report by working harder to raise standards of child protection.

This report is a shocking indictment on the Catholic Church in Dublin. Its publication may bring closure for some victims, it may also serve as the only justice some victims may receive.

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