Page last updated at 12:06 GMT, Monday, 26 October 2009

Paramedic is suspended from duty


A paramedic has been suspended from duty in Londonderry.

The Ambulance Service has confirmed that it follows a delay in responding to a 999 call-out.

The incident is believed to have happened as a shift was drawing to an end.

A spokesman said the employee would remain suspended during an investigation.

Maggie Reilly, from the Western Patient Council, said there were measures in place to ensure patients were not put at risk.

She said: "There would be clear guidelines to ensure that at all times patient safety comes first.

"And, at a time of changing shifts, that's obviously a time when there needs to be greater concentration on upholding and maintaining those guidelines.

"And presumably, in a case such as this, that's where the investigation will look to were those guidelines followed."

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