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Traffic warden threats condemned

Parking attendant ticket machine
Parking attendants were threatened by dissident republicans

Threats made by dissident republicans against traffic wardens in west Belfast have been condemned by public service union NIPSA.

Services in the area have now been withdrawn and the PSNI will meet this week with the operating company NCP to review the situation.

John Corey from NIPSA said the threat should be withdrawn immediately.

"No workers should be subjected to any threat no matter what job they undertake," he said.

"The traffic wardens do perform a very important function and I think most people, in the public in Northern Ireland recognise that, they contribute to road safety and they have a job to do."

Speaking on Friday, Simon Richardson of the Roads Service said it was hoped the situation would be resolved as soon as possible.

"Our work is solely focused on traffic management and keeping traffic flowing in busy areas - having no parking enforcement will only have a negative impact in the area."

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