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What the papers say

Journalist Keith Baker takes a look at what is making the headlines in Tuesday's morning papers.

Smoking is the big story in the Belfast Telegraph.

It says campaigners have welcomed moves to ban children in Northern Ireland from buying cigarettes.

From September, no-one under 18 will be allowed to, but there is a warning that more needs to be done.

The paper says cancer charities are behind the initiative launched by the Health Minister Michael McGimpsey.

They also want a ban on vending machines which sell cigarettes.

The News Letter features that court case on Monday when a man received a life sentence for the murder of the blues musician Jim Gilchrist.

Two other men were given 10 years for manslaughter.

The paper talks to Mr Gilchrist's daughter who says she would "consider visiting the convicted men in prison to find out why they did it".

She is also angry that they will not have to complete the full term of their sentences.


The main story in the Irish News centres on Danny Morrison, the former leading member of Sinn Féin.

The paper reminds us that he was jailed in 1991 and served four years for the false imprisonment of a man acting as an agent for the Special Branch.

But his conviction is apparently to be overturned and the Irish News says he could be in line for substantial compensation.

Legal insiders tell the paper "he could receive a six-figure sum if he successfully sues the British government for malicious prosecution and wrongful imprisonment".

The Mirror and the Sun give us the story of a baby born at sea to a young Northern Ireland woman who didn't realise she was actually pregnant.

According to the papers, Kora Bishop was with her family on a cruise ship off the coast of Naples when she complained of stomach pains.

The ship's doctor was called and found that she was about to give birth.

Mother and baby - a girl called Naida - were taken to hospital when the vessel docked, but the baby was not allowed to rejoin the cruise because she was unregistered and would be an illegal immigrant.

So, Kora and her father have checked into a hotel to wait for the appropriate papers.

He tells the Mirror: "It's a bit of an unexpected end to the holiday."

More economic misery in the Dublin papers.

The Irish Times highlights new figures showing problems in the national accounts.

The Irish Independent reports that "mortgage rates are going up".

Lottery windfall

But no money worries at all for 16 quarry workers from Carlow.

They're featured In the Irish Independent as well after winning almost 19m euro on the Republic's lottery.

That is about 1.2m euro each.

And in the traditional manner, they tell the paper they're over the moon and that the win won't change them.

Some of them say they are looking forward to paying off the bills.

The Irish News reports that Invest NI has spent more than £1m renting two buildings which have been empty since 2005.

The buildings in question were formerly occupied by the staff of Ledu, who have now moved into the new Invest NI headquarters.

All of this has been revealed by the Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster in answer to a question from Alex Maskey of Sinn Féin.

Among the cross channel papers, the Times reports that more than 1,300 Church of England clergy, including 11 Bishops, have written to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, saying they will defect from the church if women are consecrated as bishops.

The paper points to a crucial vote on the issue this weekend.

And the Mail reports that the employment minister of Alberta is in Britain trying to encourage fed-up Brits to emigrate to Canada.

They are looking in particular for doctors, teachers, nurses, electricians, carpenters, engineers, construction workers, management consultants and cardiac specialists.

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