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Last Updated: Friday, 22 February 2008, 18:57 GMT
Troubles group meets MI5's chief
Denis Bradley and Lord Eames who will co-chair  the group
Denis Bradley and Lord Robin Eames met the MI5 chief
The group looking at how best to deal with the past has held talks with the security services in London.

It is understood that co-chairmen Denis Bradley and Lord Robin Eames want MI5 to reveal details of its activities during the Troubles.

MI5 operated in Northern Ireland throughout the Troubles - running large numbers of agents and informers.

There have been allegations that it was involved in collusion with republican and loyalist paramilitaries.

Lord Eames and Mr Bradley want all groups involved in the Troubles to tell the truth about their role.

They met the Director General of MI5 in London on Friday afternoon to discuss how much it is prepared to reveal.

The consultative group has confirmed that a meeting took place, but said it will not reveal details of the talks.

Earlier this month, the group also met the UVF leadership to discuss how it might co-operate.

The focus is now on the IRA. Republicans have called on the government and security forces to reveal details of their activities during the troubles.

But the consultative group has met with the relatives of hundreds of IRA victims who want the truth about what happened to their loved ones. The group wants to meet the IRA leadership to discuss its willingness to co-operate.

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