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Last Updated: Friday, 28 September 2007, 09:02 GMT 10:02 UK
Outlook: rain for half a century
Changes in the weather are predicted

It was a wet summer across Ireland and now climate experts are predicting 50 years of rain.

The research, carried out by the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Unit, said seasons will change dramatically.

There will be more prolonged winter rain, but there is also the chance of longer heatwaves.

The research features in a report from the Irish Academy of Engineering, which says the governments in both parts of the island must act to adapt.

Dr John Sweeney said that climate change must feature in how governments plan for the future.

"The modelling and instrumental evidence does suggest that the Irish climate is becoming significantly wetter in the west," he said.

"if you take northern Donegal for example over the past century rainfall has increase by 70%."

He said that the report was not all "doom and gloom", but added that if the Irish climate was changing then ways to cope with that must be found.

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