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Last Updated: Friday, 31 August 2007, 09:37 GMT 10:37 UK
Soccer hardman in NI gang movie
Vinnie Jones
Vinnie Jones will begin filming in Derry in October
Boxing legend Barry McGuigan and football hardman turned actor Vinnie Jones are set to appear together in a new film being shot in Londonderry.

The movie - The Best Years - is written and directed by Derry man Danny Patrick.

Mr Patrick said it would be in the vein of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Ocean's 11.

"But, of course, set in Ireland, it gives it a whole different slant and different twists on the general theme," he said.

The story depicts criminal empires that have existed during the NI Troubles that are no longer able to operate during peace.

Three nationalist petty criminals overhear an English gang plotting to rob a money laundry owned by a resident crime boss.

They decide to beat the English gang to it and rob the factory themselves, but are forced to enlist the help of a loyalist gang.

'Very excited'

The film also stars Superman star Dean Cain, Billy Boyd from Lord of the Rings and Martin Kemp who starred in The Krays and Eastenders.

"It is in a spirit of unity in a city divided by religion and politics and history - greed will always unite them," said the director.

"We got Vinnie quite early on - we have dealt with his agent before - and he shares the same agent as Barry McGuigan.

Barry McGuigan will star in The Best Years
Barry McGuigan will star in The Best Years

"Martin came on board quite late in the day. They are very under-stated actors actually playing the type of roles you would expect them to play - we are very excited."

He said he had intended to write a "very gritty, urban, realistic drama" about the city of Derry.

"What I actually ended up with was actors telling me that when they read the script they just couldn't put it down for laughing.

"I think that is mostly because of the characters."

Filming of The Best Years starts in October.


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