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Last Updated: Saturday, 21 July 2007, 08:16 GMT 09:16 UK
Robinson open-minded on Maze site
A multi-seater stadium is planned for Northern Ireland
A multi-seater stadium is planned for Northern Ireland
Finance Minister Peter Robinson has said he is "keeping an open mind" about proposals to build a stadium at the former Maze prison site.

Fellow members of the DUP have expressed concerns that the project will be tied to a prison museum.

Others have insisted that the sports stadium should be in Belfast.

Speaking on BBC's Inside Politics, Mr Robinson said the executive would make the decision based on affordability and value for money.

"I'm a Belfast MP - clearly I have a view that the best place to have anything is in Belfast, but I'm not so closed in my views that I don't believe it is possible to have it somewhere else.

"I will look at the business case that's available," Mr Robinson said.

"I think there's a very strong opinion within the unionist community that they don't want to have anything on that site which would glorify terrorism."

Plans had been drawn up for a 35,000-seater stadium for soccer, GAA and rugby at the Maze.

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