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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 January 2007, 17:12 GMT
McCord to stand in NI election
Raymond McCord intends to stand in the assembly election
Raymond McCord intends to stand in the assembly election
Raymond McCord, whose complaint about a police investigation into his son's murder led to the ombudsman's report, is to stand in the assembly election.

Mr McCord said on Tuesday that he intends to stand in north Belfast in the March election for the NI assembly.

He said he felt "dismayed" at the reaction of unionist politicians to Nuala O'Loan's report.

It said police colluded with loyalists behind over a dozen murders in north Belfast.

The report found that UVF members in the area committed murders and other serious crimes while working as informers for Special Branch.

"I am going to give the Protestant and Catholic people a chance in north Belfast to put somebody in who is not frightened to tell the truth of what is going on here," Mr McCord said.

"This campaign will stay on until people are in jail for my son."

Raymond McCord Jnr was murdered on 9 November 1997.

Raymond McCord jnr
Raymond McCord Jnr was murdered by the UVF

The 22-year-old Protestant who had spent four years as a radar operator in the RAF was beaten to death by the UVF.

He had been a member of the organisation and is also said to have had some involvement in drugs.

The report, published on Monday, said information held by police and corroborated from a number of sources, indicated that Informant 1, who was in prison at the time, ordered his murder and that another man, who was on leave from prison, carried it out.

It added that the ombudsman has established that there were a number of failures with the murder investigation which may have significantly reduced the possibility of anyone ever being prosecuted for the crime.

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