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Last Updated: Friday, 24 February 2006, 08:39 GMT
Union in call over racist attacks
House attack
Two petrol bombs were thrown at the house in Dundonald
The police should do more to stop racist attacks on foreign workers in Northern Ireland, a union has said.

On Thursday, a Filipino nurse and her family escaped injury in a petrol bomb attack at their home in Dundonald.

The family are now considering moving back to the Philippines. Patricia McKeown of Unison said the police must be more proactive.

"I am saying very clearly that we need to see some serious prosecutions," she said.

"Hate crime legislation is out there, this (attack) at the least is aggravated assault, may well be attempted murder, but we really aren't seeing enough arrests and prosecutions for acts of racism in this society."

The couple and their child were in the house on Church Road when two devices were thrown.

The family's telephone line was cut before the attack took place and a racist note was also left behind.

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