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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March 2005, 20:39 GMT
Car thieves 'sell racing videos'
Stolen car
Thieves are selling videos of stolen cars being raced
So-called joyriders are producing and selling videos of stolen cars being raced around the streets of Belfast, it has emerged.

The half-hour film shows cars racing around the west of the city and is being sold on video and DVD.

The home-made movie came to light a few weeks ago when community workers from the area were given copies.

It is believed the video, which was shot from a house and in the back of a stolen car, was made in December 2004.


Local resident Margaret Hughes said those living in the lower Falls area of the city had joined together in an attempt to bring an end to joyriding in their streets.

"We will not be terrorised in our homes - it stops here," she said.

Residents have claimed that five cars were burned out in the area last weekend alone.

Community worker Joe McGuigan said the so-called joy-riders were responsible for a "reign of terror".

"How do you go about your daily business? You don't - you lock your door and stay behind it," he said.

Sinn Fein councillor Fra McCann described the film as a "snapshot of what car thieves have been doing in the area for years".

"These criminals hold this community in contempt. It is vital that as a community we stand together against them," he added.

Meanwhile, the police have said there has been a 28% reduction in car crime in west Belfast over the last three years.

In the past, police, fire and ambulance crews have been attacked during operations.

The PSNI's auto crime team said that since July 2002, it had arrested 656 people suspected of car crime, and in the last two months had recovered 116 vehicles in the lower Falls area.

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