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Last Updated: Saturday, 3 January, 2004, 09:41 GMT
Jack and Emma top names list
Newborn baby
Trends in baby names have changed dramatically since 1975
Jack and Emma were the two most popular names for boys and girls born in Northern Ireland during 2003.

According to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, James is the only name from the top 10 boys' names in 1975 to remain on the new list, while the girls list has completely changed.

As in recent years, more than 1,500 different girls' names were used, while about 1,000 separate boys' names were recorded by the agency in 2003.

Jack has alternated at the head of the boys' list since 2000 with Matthew, which slips down to second.

1: Jack
2: Matthew
3: Adam
4: James
5: Ryan
More than 220 babies were christened Emma last year to move the name up from second place.

Chloe had been the most popular girls' name for the past six years, but it has slipped to fourth place, overtaken by Katie and Caitlin.

Parents tended to be more traditional when choosing middle names for their children.

The most popular extra forenames for boys were, in order: James; John; Patrick; William; Joseph and Thomas.

1: Emma
2: Katie
3: Caitlin
4: Chloe
5: Amy
For girls, the most frequent middle names respectively were: Louise; Elizabeth; Mary; Marie; Rose and Jane.

The lists provided a strong indication of names growing in popularity, with the boys' name Kai jumping 62 places to be ranked 94 on the list.

Lily moved from 162 in 2002 to be ranked 75th last year, while Sophia leapt from 155 in the list up to 81.

A sign of the times perhaps is two names - Catherine and Claire - which were ranked third and seventh respectively in 1975.

In the past year, Claire fell from 58 to 95, while Catherine fell 28 places to 64.

The ten most popular boys' names in 2003, in order, were:

  • Jack
  • Matthew
  • Adam
  • James
  • Ryan
  • Joshua
  • Conor
  • Daniel
  • Ben
  • Dylan

The ten most popular girls' names in 2003, in order, were:

  • Emma
  • Katie
  • Caitlin
  • Chloe
  • Amy
  • Ellie
  • Hannah
  • Rachel
  • Sarah
  • Megan

In 1975, the ten most popular boys' names, in order, were:

  • David
  • Paul
  • John
  • Mark
  • Stephen
  • Michael
  • William
  • James
  • Jonathan
  • Robert

In 1975, the ten most popular girls' names, in order, were:

  • Joanne
  • Karen
  • Catherine
  • Julie
  • Sharon
  • Mary
  • Claire
  • Lisa
  • Michelle
  • Nicola

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