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Last Updated: Friday, 14 November, 2003, 14:37 GMT
Oral cancer on the rise in NI
Mouth cancer can occur in any part of the mouth
Mouth cancer can occur in any part of the mouth
The number of people dying from oral cancer in Northern Ireland is rising with one death every two weeks, according to the latest figures.

The disease is becoming more common among young people and more people have now died from mouth cancer than cervical or skin cancer in the province.

Oral cancer is a form of the disease that people seem to know least about but one that, if spotted early enough, can be treated successfully.

Dentists across the province are fronting a major campaign to make people more aware of the symptoms.

Smoking causes 75% of all mouth cancers but when combined with heavy drinking the risk factor increases significantly.

The campaign urges people to seek help quickly if they are concerned they may be at risk.

They are being advised to visit a dentist for a check up at least once a year or more frequently if they are worried.

BBC NI's Jo Scott reports
"Dentists are fronting a major campaign this week to make people more aware of the symptoms"


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