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7 questions on fashion words

7 questions on fashion terminology

It's London Fashion Week (LFW), darlings, and the news is awash with details of who wore what at which show... and that's just those in the front rows. Then there are the actual trends showcased on the catwalks. Can you unpick the meaning of all this fashionista-speak?

Model at London Fashion Week

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Take a good look - this type of waist is one of the key trends to emerge from LFW. Such trousers will soon be in a shop near you, but what is this waist called?

Jaeger trousers
  1. Grandad waist
  2. Rough-ruffle waist
  3. Paper-bag waist

2.) Multiple Choice Question

When British designer Matthew Williamson describes his new collection as "more graphic", what does he mean?

Model in Matthew Williamson show
  1. Sharper tailoring
  2. Brighter colours
  3. Bigger sleeves and lapels

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The designs of London-based Marios Schwab heavily feature "dirndl necklines", but which of these models is wearing such a neckline?

Models at London Fashion Week
  1. Left
  2. Middle
  3. Right


Dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in southern Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. It's based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. A full dress consists of bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. The traditional neckline is low cut and square. Click NEXT to continue.

Women in dirndl dresses

4.) Multiple Choice Question

The trousers are designed by Betty Jackson, but what type of pockets are these?

Betty Jackson trousers
  1. Patch pocket
  2. Loose-slide pocket
  3. Battle-dress pocket

5.) Missing Word Question

"Tribal chic that goes to * "

  1. war
  2. church
  3. play


A model gets the tribal/church look at Jenden's catwalk show. Vogue's writer does not explain this metaphor, but one assumes "church" refers to the eyeliner's resemblance to angel wings. Or such like. Click NEXT to continue.

Nathan Jenden's make-up artist at work

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Veteran label Pringle's designs for next autumn/winter include sheepskin armlets. But what are armlets?

  1. Ornamental bands worn on the arm
  2. Extremely short sleeves
  3. Detachable sleeves


...and looks like this. The woolly armlets provide coverage from the wrist to the elbow. Just the job for keeping you warm but leaving hands free to do fiddly tasks that are impossible in gloves. Click NEXT to continue.

Model with sheepskin armlets

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Fashionistas are all of a flutter over Vivienne Westwood's use of this classic shoe. But what is this style called?

Vivienne Westwood design
  1. Kitten heel
  2. Mary Jane
  3. Court


  1. It's a paper-bag waist. This is when trousers or a skirt are worn with a border of fabric running above the belt or drawstring.
  2. He means sharper tailoring, which gives a more clean-lined look. This is a designer who has previously made pretty, flippy, body-baring dresses for the likes of Kelly Brook, and has said a formative influence is beach parties in India.
  3. It's the square-necked black dress on the right. Click NEXT to find out more.
  4. They are battle-dress pockets, which are based on military uniforms. Patch pockets are most commonly found on men's suit jackets.
  5. It's church - a look achieved with "a flick of white eyeliner accompanied by a dark, dark black lip". Note the fashion singular - a lip, rather than lips. Click NEXT to see the make-up in question.
  6. An armlet is an ornamental band on a sleeve...
  7. It's a classic Mary Jane, a style spotted by its instep strap. The name comes from the shoes worn by Mary Jane, a character in the Buster Brown comic strip, which first appeared in the New York Herald in 1902.

Your score

0 - 3 : Fashion victim

4 - 6 : Follower of fashion

7 - 7 : Fashionista

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