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52 weeks 52 questions, part four

Quiz of the year's news

'Tis the season to sit back and cast an eye over 2009. But how much do you remember? Test yourself with the Magazine's four-part compilation of the best of the year's quizzes. Here it's October - December. PLUS a special bonus question each day - see below for details.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

"I hate ______, hate it with a dark and secret passion and always have." What and who?

Who hated what?
  1. Tennis - Andre Agassi
  2. Dancing - Joe Calzaghe
  3. EastEnders - Barbara Windsor
  4. My chin - Gordon Ramsay

2.) Multiple Choice Question

The government's drugs misuse adviser listed 20 "drugs" on a harm index, with heroin, most harmful, at no 1, alcohol at 5 and tobacco at 9. Which class A drug only ranks 18th?

Lager and a joint
  1. LSD
  2. Cocaine
  3. Ecstasy

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The tuneless Irish twins known collectively as Jedward, fresh from their eviction from X Factor in November. Which is which?

  1. Edward on left, John on right
  2. John on left, Edward on right

4.) Missing Word Question

Cottage sale omits * view

  1. sewage
  2. prison
  3. nuclear


Estate agents Geering & Colyer point out the cottage's proximity to a nature reserve and their photos show it in rural isolation. But turn the camera around, and look what's next door... Click NEXT to continue.



The Conservatives unveiled a new weapon in the party conference staging war - the video backdrop. Here's George Osborne taking applause after his speech - but what was his backdrop? Click NEXT for the options.

Osborne at conference

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of the following was the backdrop for Mr Osborne's speech?

  1. Shires town
  2. Piggy bank
  3. Wind turbines
  4. Children playing


It's the Shires town of Abingdon's Lib Dem MP, Dr Evan Harris, said: "The picture was certainly more interesting than Mr Osborne's speech."


6.) Multiple Choice Question

Antony Gormley's One and Other project for 2,400 real people to fill Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth ended in October. Who was the last occupant?

  1. Toilet campaigner
  2. Hillsborough memorial
  3. Yoga demo
  4. Death row protester

7.) Multiple Choice Question

One of these apologies is from Tiger Woods over allegations of infidelity. But which one?

  1. "I conducted myself in a way that was disloyal to my family"
  2. "I am far short of perfect"
  3. "She has been horribly hurt by my behaviour"
  4. "I misled people, including even my wife"

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Adult comic Viz marked its 30th this year. The first issue comprised 12 stapled-together pages selling for 20p in Newcastle's bars and pubs. How much were the city's many students charged?

Viz 1979
  1. 10p
  2. 20p
  3. 30p

9.) Multiple Choice Question

So it's ta-ta to Terry Wogan, who gave up his breakfast slot to be replaced by Chris Evans. Is he older or younger than Tel was when his dulcet tones first graced Radio 2's airwaves?

  1. Evans is older
  2. Evans is younger
  3. Same age

10.) Multiple Choice Question

"I don't know how I got it," said which personality on their controversial award?

  1. Barack Obama on his Nobel Peace Prize... less than a year into his presidency
    Barack Obama
  2. David Beckham on being man of the match... despite being a second-half sub
    David Beckham
  3. Speech Debelle, playing half-full gigs after her Mercury Prize win
    Speech Debelle

11.) Multiple Choice Question

Under-15s should not be given even a sip of alcohol, said the chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson. At what age can parents legally offer a child alcohol at home?

Boy at dinner table
  1. Five
  2. 12
  3. 14

12.) Multiple Choice Question

This year the fight for the Christmas number one was between X Factor's Joe and Rage Against the Machine. Last year it was X Factor's Alexandra Burke with Hallelujah. Who was number two with the same song?

Alexandra Burke
  1. Leonard Cohen
  2. Jeff Buckley
  3. John Cale


  1. It was Andre Agassi in his autobiography, Open. Boxer Joe Calzaghe danced like a plank of wood before exiting Strictly Come Dancing; Barbara Windsor announced she is to leave the BBC soap after 15 years; and TV chef Gordon Ramsay admitted having cosmetic surgery on his chin furrows.
  2. It's ecstasy, said Professor David Nutt, who headed the government's Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs before he was sacked in October. He listed cannabis in 10th position.
  3. It's John on the left, Edward on the right. Like Ant and Dec, they try to always stand on the same side to help people differentiate. Their differences are subtle - John is an inch taller, has pierced ears (but no earrings) and his right ear is slightly pointy.
  4. It's "nuclear". An estate agent advertised "an exceptional fisherman's cottage" in Kent for £247,000, but didn't mention the neighbours were Dungeness A and B.
  5. It was the Shires town - Abingdon in Oxfordshire to be precise. Click NEXT to complete the picture.
  6. Last plinther Emma Burns - picture 2 - released balloons in memory of the victims of 1989's Hillsborough disaster.
  7. It's "I am far short of perfect" and the golfer also apologised to his family for his "transgressions". Of the others, apology 1 is from US presidential hopeful John Edwards; apology 3 is David Letterman; and apology 4 is Bill Clinton.
  8. Students had to pay 30p. This teasing relationship with a key readership continued with the strip Student Grant, about a student with a rather rude name who read Peace Studies.
  9. Chris Evans is 43, nine years older than Sir Terry Wogan was when he first broadcast for Radio 2 in 1972.
  10. It's David Beckham, for England against Belarus in October. Even his coach expressed surprise. "After eight months as president he [Obama] won the Nobel Prize and after 30 minutes David won the man of the match," said Fabio Capello.
  11. It's five years old.
  12. It was Jeff Buckley, who recorded his version in 1994. Leonard Cohen's orginal track, first released in 1984, reached number 36.

Your Score

0 - 4 : Jedward

5 - 10 : Olly Murs

11 - 12 : Leona Lewis

We can now reveal the answer to our bonus question.

In addition to the 12 questions above, we also posed a bonus question for each of the four parts of this quiz. That's how we reached the magic total of 52 questions.

Mystery images

With each part of the quiz we published a photograph - all four are on the right. We asked you what the link was between the four pictures.

Only a few of you got it right, including Phil in Guisborough, Ben Taylorson in Durham, Simon Rooke in Nottingham and Stig in London. Christmas kudos to one and all.

The answer is The Wire. The four photographs represent four characters from the US crime drama.

1. Leicester city centre (Lester Freamon)

2. Tony McNulty, former employment minister (Jimmy McNulty)

3. Michael Jackson with chimp Bubbles (Reginald "Bubbles" Cousin)

4. Greggs bakery (Kima Greggs)

For a complete archive of past quizzes and our weekly news quiz, 7 days 7 questions, visit the Magazine page and scroll down.

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