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The High Street

The UK remains in economic decline according to figures announced on Friday, and businesses on many High Streets are still feeling the pinch. A year after first visiting Southampton's Shirley High Street, we return to ask our team of shopkeepers about their mood.

Icons key
Shop Jan 09 Oct 09 October outlook
Phil Rolf
Phil Roth greengrocer
Umbrella - pessimistic Umbrella - pessimistic "People might think things are better now because shops are taking on more staff for Christmas…after Christmas it will be a different story."
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Jamie Mills
Butcher Jamie Mills
Umbrella - pessimistic Sun - optimistic "At the start, trade did go down a bit but it's picked up again now, and we're doing quite well, can't really grumble."
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Debbie Neary
Debbie Neary, charity shop
Sun - optimistic Sun - optimistic "We’re 14% up on this time last year. People are looking for bargains because of the economic climate."
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Discount store
Peter Gallagher
Peter Gallagher, discount store
Sun - optimistic Sun appearing behind a cloud - neutral "We've had more opposition so we've had to raise our game. We've had to up the quality of our goods while trying to hold the price down."
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Estate agent
Steve Jones
Estate agent Steve Jones
Sun - optimistic Sun appearing behind a cloud - neutral "Business is still very tough, the last 18 months have been very difficult for us, but thankfully we are seeing signs that the market is recovering."
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Outdoor gear
Graham Tucker
Outdoor gear shop
Sun appearing behind a cloud - neutral Sun - optimistic "It’s the best it’s ever been. A lot more people have been going camping. We couldn’t get enough tents in over the summer."
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Eamon Tang
Eamon Tang, Chinese restaurant
Sun - optimistic Umbrella - pessimistic "I think the recession is still here and it’s getting worse. I think business was better at the start of the recession. Now it’s getting worse."
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Tanning shop
J Burlingham
Jenette Burlingham, tanning salon
Sun - optimistic Umbrella - pessimistic "It’s hard for us because it’s our first year but we’re going to get through it. We’re up on this time last year...but we’re not in profit."
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Clare Kimber
Amusement arcade Clare Kimber
Umbrella - pessimistic Umbrella - pessimistic "I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. I think we have got a good few years of just paying back all this money."
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Shoe repairs
Tony Diaper
Key cutters
Sun - optimistic Sun - optimistic "We took £400 in shoe repairs in one Saturday, which is much better than a year ago. I think people have got money but they don’t want to spend it."
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Card shop
Gary Newman
Card shop
Sun - optimistic Umbrella - pessimistic "It's far too early to suggest we're coming out of recession. I think we have got another year of difficult trading ahead..."
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Mobile phones
Stuart Fairbairn
Stuart Fairbairn, Carphone warehouse
Sun - optimistic Sun - optimistic "Business has done very well to be fair... People seem to be coming in and seem to be spending more than last year to be honest."
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TV shop
Robert Gibbs
Robert Gibbs, TV shop
N/A Sun appearing behind a cloud - neutral "Due to the general unease, customers are a bit cash-conscious. Compared to two or three years ago, people have down-sized."
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Rob Gardener
Rob Gardener, Pub
N/A Sun appearing behind a cloud - neutral "We've only been here for a few weeks so I can't judge what it was like before that, but business seems OK to me."
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