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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 17:27 GMT 18:27 UK
Your home movies of the 1970s
Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain is on BBC Two every Tuesday at 2100 BST
That's his take. Now you help us create a people's history by sending us memories, pictures and videos
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The Magazine is compiling a people's history of modern Britain - featuring your written memories, photos and home movies. This week we asked for your recollections of the 1970s.

We've had a fantastic response with hundreds of written memories, family photos, and, below, videos of the time submitted through the BBC's modern history YouTube group.


The Town Lane area and Parliament Street in Dukinfield near Manchester were demolished in the early 1970s. They are now part of Tameside, says Kevin Parrott, who submitted the video.

It was filmed by Kevin's aunt, Elsie Roscoe, 88, and it features her shop called Madam Elsie, on Town Lane, before and during its demolition.

"A year or so after Elsie filmed the first clip of those shops, she filmed the demolition of her shop and the others, along with the houses and the Windsor Cottage pub," says Kevin.

"It was the end of a happy and thriving community. Notice the total lack of safety precautions during the demolition. Traffic still flowing, people still walking by, no hard hats!"


A family wedding in Darwen, Lancashire, around 1970.

Above are just two of several home movies of the 1970s uploaded by you to

the BBC's modern Britain group on YouTube.

If you want to see more, go to the group by clicking on the link, right.

You also sent in hundreds of written memories of the time, on themes from the long, hot summers to the blackouts and the flares, and there are photos too. See it all by clicking here.


You can now upload your videos of the past to the BBC's modern history group on YouTube. This could be a home video of the 70s or an interview today of someone talking about the past.

How to upload to the BBC's modern history YouTube group:

  • You'll need a YouTube account. If you've not got one, go here and sign up.

  • Your videos need to be on YouTube before you can send them to us. So if they're not already, go to this page and follow the instructions.

  • You need to join our YouTube group, so go here and hit "join this group" on the top right.

  • Now it's time to send us your videos. There's more than one way, but the easiest is to hit the "add to groups" button shown under each YouTube video, select "BBC History of Modern Britain", and hit "add to group".

  • When we approve the videos, they'll appear on this page. So get uploading!

How to convert cine film/VHS to digital:

  • If you have any old home movies on cine film, the quickest way to convert them to a digital format would be to project the films on to a blank white wall or screen and record the output on video.

  • Fill as much of the frame as possible.

  • Make sure the video camera is still - don't hand-hold it.

  • Alternatively, you can take your cine film into a photographic specialist in your High Street and pay for it to be converted. Some websites also do the same

  • If you have VHS you may be able to transfer the film straight into your computer, or specialists can put it on to DVD first.

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