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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 June 2006, 12:11 GMT 13:11 UK
Your World Cup 2006 'sticker' album (with a difference)
Mag stick album
The Magazine "sticker" album - see grey box below to download it
To celebrate the World Cup, the Magazine is inviting readers to take part in the time-honoured ritual of assembling a tournament "sticker" album... with a difference.

As any former school child worth their Salt and Shake will remember, before Mediterranean food became part of our daily diet, Panini meant just one thing: souvenir sticker albums. (Only in these more cosmopolitan times did we come to realise it is also the Italian for "sandwich".)

The challenge was to fill the album with stickers sold in packs by your neighbourhood newsagent. Trading "doubles" - a sticker that you already owned - was a playground rite of passage.

In homage to this time-honoured tradition, and in recognition of our ever-more exotic culinary tastes, the Magazine is launching its World Cup 2006 Crostini "sticker" album. You can download it here, in PDF format.


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How the album works - your five-step guide:

1. Download the sticker album - it's just two sheets of A4 - as a PDF, from the grey box on the right.

2. Each working day for three weeks, from Monday, 12, June, we will be publishing a picture of a lunchtime snack from around the world. Each will be a speciality of a country represented in the World Cup.

3. Print off the picture, cut it out and paste it into the allotted space in the album. There will be 15 pictures in total. To help get things going there's a starter picture - of a Crostini - to download, also in the grey box (Picture is courtesy of Greg Hirson).

4. Collect them all and when you have completed the album e-mail us a photo of yourself with the completed set (we'll give you an e-mail address closer to the time). We will publish your picture in the Magazine at the beginning of July.

5. But you'll have to be sharp to catch the pictures. They will be posted in the Magazine Monitor, suitably enough every lunchtime, but will be removed before the working day is out.

(Note: The Magazine seeks to draw no culinary equivalence between the various snacks featured - they're all we could get our hands on.)


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