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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 January, 2005, 18:04 GMT
Quiz of the week's news

It's the Magazine's quiz of the week's news, 7 days 7 questions.

This quiz is published every Friday - but you can find it at any stage of the week on the Magazine index.

Question 1
Who this week said: "I have a problem with decisions."
A: Brad Pitt, who split with wife Jennifer Aniston
B: Jennifer Aniston
C: Antony Pitts, who resigned as a BBC radio producer over the broadcast of Jerry Springer - The Opera
D: Germaine Greer, who quit Celebrity Big Brother
Question 2
Why has the B-15A been in the news this week?
A: Itís the biggest star known to science, so-named because itís more than 1.5 billion kilometres wide
B: Itís a 160-km drifting iceberg on collision course with a glacier in Antarctica
C: Itís the award-winning new Robosapien robot toy, with a vocabulary of 1,000 words, unveiled in Las Vegas
Question 3
The cost of who or what was described as "peanuts"?
A: The $30m tsunami early warning system for the Indian Ocean, according to Unesco head Koichiro Matsuura
B: The £1.4m B of the Bang sculpture in Manchester, in a quote from its designer Thomas Heatherwick
C: Spanish striker Fernando Morientes, talking about the £6.3m fee Liverpool are to pay for his services
Question 4
Missing word-in-headline round. Whatís missing from this Independent headline? "_______ jail staff say they were made scapegoats"
A: Lesbian
B: Female
C: Male
D: Senior
Question 5
The BBC's search engine was used a record amount in 2004. Which - if any - of the following enquiries have we made up?
A: How to fold a serviette like an elf's boot?
B: What is better, one long vacation each year or several short vacations throughout the year?
C: What is so special about the Swiss?
D: What is up?
E: None of the above - they're all genuine.
Question 6
Elvis is on course for the 1,000th number one single in Sundayís chart with One Night, but what will be his next re-issued single to be released on Monday?
A: A Little Less Conversation
B: Itís Now or Never
C: A Fool Such As I
Question 7
Singer Paul Young, actor Jim Carrey and broadcaster Keith Chegwin share birthdays this Monday, but who will have the most candles? Rank them, oldest first.
A: Chegwin, Young, Carrey
B: Chegwin, Carrey, Young
C: Carrey, Young, Chegwin
D: Young, Chegwin, Carrey

 Press the button and see how you have done

And now the Bonus Question, where we give you the answer and you give us the question. Marks are deducted for predictability.

Today's answer is "COLONIAL AND NATIVE" - and you can send your thoughts on what the question might be by clicking below.



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