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Last Updated: Friday, 16 January, 2004, 12:07 GMT
'For all your Magazine needs...'
Alan Partridge
Unleash your inner Partridge
Earlier this week, we dipped our toe into the murky waters of the advertising jingle.

We wanted to take a good look at what makes an effective jingle, which tunes stick in the mind and why, and how you would go about writing one.

All well and good, we thought, but for a true insight into the jinglemaker's black art, there was only one answer.

We had to commission our own.

So we asked Julian "Doc" Scott, the self-styled king of the irritating-but-catchy local radio ad, to see what he could do.

"No problem. When do you want it?," said Julian, already mentally leafing through his rhyming dictionary for "magazine".


Working to the tiniest of briefs ("just make it catchy") and with a budget of zero, Torquay's premiere tunesmith came up with the goods in a matter of hours. And here it is:

Apart from getting our name wrong - it's BBC News Online, not BBC Online News, neglecting to mention our web address, crediting us with things done by our colleagues (eg world news and sport), and saying the site is updated "every hour" (it's every minute - at least), Julian's effort is not bad.

It is certainly catchy (as dads invariably say on hearing the latest "chart sound"). It is also cheeky and irreverent, as Julian promised.

Probably a bit too cheeky and irreverent, if we are being honest, and would no doubt cause palpitations at the BBC marketing department, who tend to prefer something a little more sophisticated and upmarket.

But if the Magazine ever decides to branch out into double glazing or open a caravan park, we'll certainly know who to call.

If you think you can do better than Julian send in your Magazine jingles - in MP3 format - to

The Magazine jingle
Listen to Julian Scott's local radio ad for The Magazine

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