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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 December, 2003, 11:31 GMT
Quiz of the year's news, part 3
It's part three of 52 Weeks 52 Questions, our annual news quiz.

Part four, the finale, will be a celebrity-obsessed multi-media medley, and will be published on Friday.

Links to the other parts of this quiz are on the right hand side of the page.

Who said what? Did they really say that? Part three of our quiz looks at the quotes of the rich and famous.

"I'm not actually __________, I'm just the representative here on Earth." What's the missing word, and who said it?
A: "God" - Dr Rowan Williams
B: "Gandalf" - Sir Ian McKellen
C: "the president" - Tony Blair
Who corrected an interviewer by saying: "How can there be another final question? You've got to get your grammar right!"
A: Victoria Beckham
B: John Prescott
C: Donald Rumsfeld
"Surprise me." Who, and why?
A: Iain Duncan Smith, in a note to reviewers of his book
B: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, sarcastically, when told US tanks were in Baghdad
C: The late Bob Hope, when asked where he wanted to be buried
Complete Tony Blair's cheeky response to a female reporter: "I want you anytime..."
A: "...any place, anywhere"
B: ", er, a non-whatever-it-is way"
C: " I want a hole in the head"
Paul Burrell's book about Princess Diana caused a stir. But can you complete the response of a bookseller, asked how it was selling? "Early signs are it's doing well..."
A: "...but it's a tough period. It's not going to win the Booker prize."
B: "...but it's a tough period. People have had enough of him already."
C: "...but it's a tough period. Shane Richie's autobiography has just come out."
"My contacts have told me where Saddam Hussein is hiding. He is in Saudi Arabia." Who said it?
A: Alastair Campbell
B: Naomi Campbell
C: Nicky Campbell
What was unusual about a drunken Australian saying "Australia are a bloody good team"?
A: He was pretending to be England cricketer Alec Stewart in a Today programme interview
B: He was commentating on the Rugby World Cup final as the winning drop-kick was scored
C: He was saying it to Prince Philip
"I watched the Spurs-Everton game on Sky. They were both rubbish." Whose reported post-match verdict?
A: Gwyneth Paltrow, settling in the UK nicely
B: Saddam Hussein, settling in a hole nicely
C: Brian Sewell, settling in a sofa nicely
"It is probably exaggerated, the extent to which I was__________." Complete Michael Howard's statement for him.
A: "responsible for the poll tax"
B: "a supporter of IDS"
C: "loathed"
Jemma-Anne Gunning, 18, was arrested in Faliraki, after taking her top off in a bar. What did she say?
A: "I was on holiday!"
B: "I intended no harm... It was just that my bikini top fell off."
C: "I'm like 'What?'"
"I never tried heroin, but LSD? Well. That had an effect. I thought I was a ball made of different coloured glass. I wanted to be bounced."
A: Hitler's film-maker Leni Riefenstahl, who died this year
B: Hairy botanist Dr David Bellamy
C: The late crooner Robert Palmer
"Oh wow! What a sofa!" Momentous words, but why?
A: It's what the Daily Mirror's undercover footman said in the Queen's lounge
B: They were the words uttered by crowd at the UK's first flash mob
C: They were Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen's first words as host of Changing Rooms

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Prize question
Picture 3
Picture number 3

Here is the third photograph in our prize competition. Entries are now closed. To see what the photographs are, and to see what linked them, see part four of this quiz.

Share the joy of 52 Weeks 52 Questions with your workmates! Print out our quiz league table, pin it up in your office and fill it in every day this week.


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