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Last Updated: Friday, 12 September, 2003, 11:10 GMT 12:10 UK
Caption competition

Winning entries in the Magazine caption competition.

Suspended in a glass box above the Thames in London, illusionist David Blaine embarks on a 44-day marathon stunt during which he will not eat.

6.C Mitchell, UK
Did I turn the iron off?

5. Paul, UK
The "David Blaine Divided" exhibit wasn't very exciting until Damien Hirst got started with the chainsaw.

4.Martin Pearson, US
"Twenty nine million, three hundred and thirty thousand,five hundred and ninety eight green bottles hanging on a wall and if one green bottle........"

3.Andrew B, UK
"If only I could find out if Geoff Hoon's resigned..."

2. J-Ro, England
Blaine looks on bemused as nine million pretentious, crazy Londoners carry out "living in a perfectly normal life" stunt for 44 days.

1.Mat Jasper, England
"God I'm an idiot."


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