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In pictures: Fighting in Chad

Burnt-out car in aftermath of fighting in N'Djamena (3.2.08)

There has been further heavy fighting in Chad's capital, N'Djamena, between government forces and rebels who pushed into the city on Saturday.

Smoke rising from city, seen from N'Djamena airport.

Smoke rose above the city and heavy arms fire rang out, as government forces supported by tanks and helicopters tried to drive back rebel fighters.

French APC and car in aftermath of fighting in Chadian capital N'Djamena

Aid agency Medecins Sans Frontiers said there were "a lot of dead bodies" after the fighting, and that the violence made it difficult to reach the wounded.

French APC on street in N'Djamena

France, which maintains a military presence in its former colony, condemned the rebel assault but said it was staying neutral in the crisis.

French soldier secures Novotel Hotel in N'Djamena on 2 February 2008

French soldiers patrolled hotels and other sites in the city, including three locations where foreigners awaiting evacuation gathered.

Stop Genocide Now staff's footage from Meridien Hotel, posted on YouTube

These images, posted on YouTube, show French troops hunkered down inside the Meridien Hotel. Foreigners in the hotel on Saturday said nearby artillery fire shook the windows.

Foreign nationals evacuated from N'Djamena by French military on 3 February 2008

Scores of foreign nationals were evacuated early on Sunday from the city on a French military plane which flew to Gabon.

Gabon foreign minister at AU summit in Ethiopia on 2 February 2008

The leaders of the African Union - gathered for a summit in Ethiopia - on Saturday condemned the rebels and said they would not be recognised if they seized power.

Sudanese baby at Chad refugee camp in April 2007

Chad's government accuses Sudan of backing the rebels to undermine an EU mission to protect refugees from the crisis-hit region of Darfur.

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View of the battle from hotel window

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