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Last Updated: Monday, 21 January 2008, 16:31 GMT
In pictures: Gaza power cuts

Power station 20 January

Gazans have been adapting to daily life without power after fuel shortages attributed to Israel's blockade of Gaza forced the territory's only power plant to shut down on Sunday.

Gaza street 20 January

Streets were plunged into darkness at nightfall. The plant supplies about 30% of the Gaza Strip's electricity but almost all power to the main city, where about 400,000 people live.

Shopkeeper 20 January

Shopkeepers were forced to use gas lights. United Nations officials have warned they would be forced to stop food aid unless Israel allowed supplies across the border.

Rafah refugee camp 20 January

Household chores were carried out by whatever light source was available after electricity was cut in the area of the Rafah refugee camp in the south of the Gaza Strip.

West Bank protest 20 January

Many Palestinians joined candlelit protests in the West Bank city of Ramallah, wearing the message "Gaza is on my mind".

Damaged car 20 January

Late on Sunday, Israel launched an air strike on the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza City. Israel said it was targeting a car carrying rockets.

Baker in Gaza 21 January

On Monday, Gazans woke to queues at petrol stations, shops and bakers that were still able to open - some had closed because they did not have enough fuel to operate.

Bread queue Gaza 21 January

The lucky ones clung to their supplies. Israel says the power shortage is a fabrication by the Hamas authorities, which control the territory.

Boy in hospital 21 January

But there are concerns that diesel fuelling generators being used to maintain critical power supplies to hospitals could soon run out.

Gaza fishermen 21 January

As Gaza City ground to a halt, so too did the boats in the port. Fishermen sat around fires or worked on nets as they had no fuel to go to sea.

Girl at Gaza protest

Gazans held protests on Monday. Some Arab countries have appealed for an end to the blockade by Israel, which it says is in retaliation for militant rocket attacks.

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