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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 November 2007, 19:29 GMT
In pictures: Topi behaviour

Topi antelope silhouette (Jakob Bro-Jorgensen)

The research was undertaken in the Masai Mara area of Kenya, in the traditional breeding grounds of the topi.

Topi mating (Jakob Bro-Jorgensen)

Individual females mate, on average, with four males, while some reach 12 different partners. And each male is mated with approximately 11 times.

Females fighting (Jakob Bro-Jorgensen)

Contrary to conventional sexual selection theory, female topi antelope are the aggressive ones.

Topi antelope herd (Jakob Bro-Jorgensen)

Topi antelope come together at one particular time of the year and in one particular place for just over a month to mate. Females are fertile for one day only.

Female topi attacking a male (Jakob Bro-Jorgensen)

It is not uncommon to see males collapsing with exhaustion as the demands of the females get too much for them

Male topi antelope's sex burden
28 Nov 07 |  Science/Nature

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