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Last Updated: Saturday, 3 November 2007, 20:43 GMT
In pictures: Pakistan emergency

Soldiers in Islamabad - 3/11/2007

After Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency, truckloads of soldiers arrived in the centre of the capital Islamabad.

Roadblock set up in central Islamabad

Key institutions have been sealed off in Islamabad's administrative centre, including the Supreme Court and TV and radio stations.

President Pervez Musharraf speaks on TV - 3/11/2007

Gen Musharraf gave a televised address late on Saturday, saying he was acting to curb a rise in extremism.

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto arrives in Karachi - 3/11/2007

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto cut short a visit to Dubai to return to Pakistan. She said her Pakistan People's Party would fight the emergency rule.

Soldiers near the Supreme Court in Islamabad - 3/11/2007

The Supreme Court - now blocked off - had been due to rule on the legality of Gen Musharraf's October re-election victory.

Musharraf supporters outside President House in Islamabad - 3/11/2007

Crowds of both pro- and anti-Musharraf supporters have gathered in front of President House.

Police checkpoint on main road into Islamabad - 3/11/2007

Earlier, checkpoints had been set up on the main roads leading into Islamabad amid increasing clashes in recent weeks between security forces and militants.

Militant outside captured police station in Matta, Swat district, north-west Pakistan - 3/11/2007

Militants said they had captured two police stations in Swat district, in the north-west, where pro-Taleban militants have dealt a series of blows to security forces.

Musharraf imposes emergency rule
03 Nov 07 |  South Asia

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