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Last Updated: Monday, 1 October 2007, 18:55 GMT 19:55 UK
In pictures: Expedition 360

Steve Smith (l) and Jason Lewis  (r). Copyright (Expedition

Steve Smith (l) and Jason Lewis reach Paris in July 1994 en-route to Portugal on the first leg of a 13-year adventure. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Pedal boat Moksha departing Lagos, Portugal - passing Cape St.Vincente, October 1994. Copyright (Expedition

Jason Lewis and Steve Smith begin their 3,700-mile (5,953km) trip in their pedal boat Moksha from Lagos, Portugal to Miami, Florida in October 1994. (Photo: Expedition 360)

The Moksha braves angry seas. (Copyright Expedition

Rough seas was the first hazard that the adventurers would encounter. They later tussled with poisonous snakes, alligators in a swamp, and malaria. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Steve Smith with a Dorado fish catch. (Copyright Expedition

The Atlantic Ocean was not always hostile, it was also helpful, like serving up dinner in all shapes and sizes as Steve Smith found with this Dorado. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Steve Smith writing his journal. (Copyright Expedition

The sleeping compartment on the Moksha was tiny and also doubled as the lounge, living room, dining room, and a study. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands - first landfall for Jason Lewis and Steve Smith on crossing the Atlantic .  (Copyright Expedition

On day 97, having almost run out of food, the pair had to stop in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Earlier Mr Smith nearly died after being washed overboard. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Jason Lewis roller-blading to Miami (Copyright Expedition

Mr Lewis roller-bladed from Miami to San Francisco. In Colorado he was run over by a car which broke both legs, setting him back nine months. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Pedal boat Moksha with children from Rye Elementary, Colorado (Copyright

Expedition360 included an educational component on environmental awareness. It was showcased at Rye Elementary school in Colorado. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Jason Lewis and team starting Australian cycle from Coral Sea to Darwin - July 2001 (Copyright

Seven years later, in July 2001, Mr Smith and Mr Lewis had by then separated. In Australia, Mr Lewis met a team of cyclists for an 88-day trip down under. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Jason Lewis in Djibouti, East Africa with camel - 2007 (Copyright

31 March 2007 - Mr Lewis was in Djibouti, East Africa, the 15th of his 16-leg journey heading towards Europe and then a final crossing of the English Channel. (Photo: Expedition 360)

Moksha slipped into Dover harbour 30 September 2007. (Copyright

Mr Lewis arrives in British territorial waters at 2100 BST 30 September, 2007 - 13 years later. "I don't think it has sunk in that I am home," he said. (Photo: Expedition 360)

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