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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2007, 07:22 GMT 08:22 UK
In pictures: On the set of ChuckleVision

Paul (left) and Barry Chuckle

The Chuckle Brothers - aka Paul and Barry Chuckle - are filming the 20th series of their children's TV programme, ChuckleVision


In this episode, which will be shown early next year, the Brothers visit their Grandfathers at the Bide A Wee home for retired gentlefolk.

TV shoot

They discover that the matron has the residents engaged in virtual slave labour; making and packing in-flight meals for Fly-by-Night Airlines.

TV shoot

It does not take long before the Chuckle Granddads are out the door, supposedly visiting their old friend 'Giant Jock', leaving Paul and Barry to fill their shoes.

ChuckleVision set

The residents - along with 'fake' Granddads Paul and Barry - hold a demonstration to get rid of Matron. She is yet to realise that the 'real' Granddads have escaped.

Paul and Barry Chuckle

Paul and Barry were sent to make-up to transform them into the 'fake Granddads'...

Barry Chuckle

...Make-up artist Gill Hall gave them a red nose, wig and flat cap for the scenes.

Director Jack Jameson

Director Jack Jameson said: "Paul and Barry know exactly what they are doing... I just have to give them the space for them to do what they do best, which is perform."

Jimmy Patton

The Chuckle's real-life brother Jimmy Patton has appeared in 44 episodes, usually telling them off with his catchphrase 'no slacking'. In this episode he plays Nurse Slacking.

Paul Chuckle

And there is no slacking for Paul and Barry, who use the breaks between scenes to swot up on their lines.

Chuckle Brothers set

The Chuckle Brothers are celebrating 20 years of ChuckleVision. The new series will be shown on CBBC in the New Year.

Brothers mark 20 years of chuckles
26 Sep 07 |  Entertainment

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