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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 June 2007, 23:10 GMT 00:10 UK
In pictures: A child's view of war

Man picking his toe

Children in a refugee camp in south-west Uganda reveal their lives in a photographic exhibition opening in London. Nsabimana says: "We should not be here. We are suffering."


"This picture displays how poor refugee life is and what we use to build houses. Look at this mother, it's like she's in prison. A human cannot live in such conditions," says Cecile Z.


Theo says: "I wanted to show that this guy is a single guy, a bachelor, but is very poor. He's from the same town as me and we knew each other in Congo. We're neighbours now."


"I am a breadwinner. The money I earn from digging fields [like this woman] is not enough to provide for my family. I wish to study, maybe carpentry or construction," Pasco explains.


Similarly, Ester says: "At only 17, my family relies on me. My mother is constantly sick. My siblings go to school. My added burden is to put a plate of food on the table for my family."

Teenager studying

"This is my younger brother," says Emerance. "It is hard for him to study. The bed is his table. Our parents were killed in Rwanda. I support him. If we both go to school we can't eat."

People in front of house

"This picture makes me very happy," says Anor. "This is my family and our house. We are refugees but we are happy because we have a house, food, and our family is together."

Mother holding child on her lap

A boy of 14 took this of his mother and brother. Her hands lie over his loins like a caress. In truth she is covering her child's nakedness, ashamed that she is too poor to clothe him.


Samuel K explains: "This is malnutrition." Adding: "She will only grow up to know how to dig. They have only one piece of clothing and don't clean it for a year."

Man cooking over fire

Again, Samuel says: "This reminds me how we suffer from eating maize. This is all we eat." Through the Eyes of Children runs 14 June - 1 July at the Oxo Tower Wharf Gallery, London.

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